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Introducing STEM Storytime

Let Me Hand You the Plans

After I brainstorm a list of books, I consider different ways to take the concepts and flesh them out into a hands-on lesson for elementary kiddos. I turn to imagination play, games, physical activity (including gross motor and fine motor play), the design cycle, review activities, and presentations to make learning fun. 

Use what works in each lesson for your group of learners.

I Help Homeschoolers
Teach STEM Classes

Here are the basics.

Grab attention with a picture book. One that is funny or full of wonderful illustrations or written extremely well. Nonfiction and Fiction can both fit those descriptions. Sometimes students want or need more than one. 

Then, follow the books up with a relevant, whole-body, hands-on learning activity. Review with more fun activities. 

  • We should not teach children the sciences but give them a taste for them. --Jean Jack Rosseau

The Story

Jessica stared at the ten eager faces. They were sitting in a circle, facing her. It was on her now. She reached for the picture book and started reading. They seemed to be enjoying it! When the book was over, she pulled out the stuffed cat she had brought.

"How is this a mammal?" she asked, referring to the book she'd just read. 

After a few satisfactory answers, Jessica glanced at the clock. Out of the 50-minute class, only 5 minutes had passed. She still had 45 minutes to fill!

She looked back at the children. They were starting to squirm. Each child had already had a turn with the cat, and they seemed ready for something else. Jessica simply did not know what to do next. 

The Problem

Has this ever happened to you?

Like Jessica, you may not know what to do to teach a small group for a set amount of time. How much should you prepare? What types of activities will encourage learning? And where can you get more ideas?

The Solution

Leading lessons with your own children, with no set time frame, feels completely different than leading a group of children in a lesson for 50 minutes.

STEM Storytime (& More) does the planning for you. You'll start with a stack of great books. You'll choose a few activities from a list and prepare the learning material. When you walk into your small group class, you'll be ready to keep your students busy for your whole class time.

With the STEM Storytime membership, you'll get a new themed lesson each month. Some months may have a more comprehensive unit, and other months may feature additional mini challenges, all inspired by great picture books. Grab your library card and get ready for story-inspired science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Stories & STEM
for Every Month

A themed lesson every month with the following things:

  • Done-for-you library book lists
  • 3-5 fully explained activities for a group
  • 2-3 printable activities, games, or challenges
  • A bonus STEM challenge (story-inspired, of course!)

What types of STEM activities?

For 9 years, I have created games for educators, mainly selling on TeachersPayTeachers. I opened my site shop a few years ago to reach other audiences. Here are some of the types of activities I have created in the past:

  • file folder activities
  • board games
  • clip cards and puzzles
  • spinners
  • cut-and-paste and matching
  • reader's theater
  • mazes
  • task cards
  • around-the-room or "read the room"
  • activity centers using manipulatives, pattern blocks, or other items
  • jump out of your seat game
  • imagination play
  • play-doh activities
  • opened ended STEM challenges with recyclables

Hi, I'm Rebecca Reid

owner of line upon line learning

I love teaching at our homeschooling co-ops! I came to homeschooling unexpectedly, but after 10 years, I truly love it. I've taught classes in co-ops such as STEM Challenge, writing, hands-on American history, and preschool Spanish. My three kids are currently in 1st grade, 5th grade, and 9th grade.

Sample STEM Unit

Are you wondering what a monthly unit or lesson would look like? Here are two descriptions so you know what you would get.

5 Kingdoms of Life

This unit bundle includes an extensive book list, an ebook (also in powerpoint presentation and video formats), file folder kingdoms of life sort, review booklets (differentiated), reading comprehension questions (differentiated), a writing prompt, and a game for review. Plus a few more smaller things!

Sample STEM Lesson 

Coral Reef Systems

This lesson includes a book list, an ebook, two different reading passages with questions (differentiated), a label-the-diagram page for coral, a writing prompt, and a game for review. Other activities ideas are also included.

What are people saying about Rebecca's STEM Projects?

Play-dough "core sampling"

Love it! I am going to do this play dough core sampling activity with our Classical Conversations class! Thanks! Just the idea I was looking for!

Sarah ... Blog Reader

Clouds Bundle

What a fantastic resource!! So glad I bought it and have used it in doing a mini-unit! I can't explain how wonderful, useful, helpful, creative, and reuseable this fantastic product is! We love playing the bingo game and the kid's knowledge has increased. This has helped me in planning and delivery and the kids loved using the charts and task cards. It took us away from dull and a not so informative book but we learned so much more!! Thanks!!!

P Ann D. ... Customer

Coral Reef Activities

What a valuable resource this was! We used many part of this during our coral reefs project-based learning time. Thank you!

Tanya G. ... Customer

Layers of the Atmosphere

I'm going to do this Layers of the Atmosphere lab for my biology final. I have to teach the class about the composition of the atmosphere and then do a lab with them and I think this lab is perfect. Thank you so much!

Levi younkin ... Blog Reader

Animal Tracks Activities

I used these discovery resources during my summer school STEAM class! Being from Tennessee with the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in our backyards, my students latched onto this content and excelled! They loved how you gamified some of the resources but also allowed them to practice math and science skills! Thank you so much!

Musically Made Methods ... Customer

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$8 a month

Stories & STEM
for Every Month

A themed lesson every month with the following things:

  • Done-for-you library book lists
  • 3-5 fully explained activities for a group
  • 2-3 printable activities, games, or challenges
  • A bonus STEM challenge (story-inspired, of course!)

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how it all adds up

What is included every month

  • Nonfiction and fiction picture book list, annotated and in a convenient library list $2
  • 3-5 activity ideas for a small group $2
  • 3-5 printable games, activities, worksheets, or other hands-on learning material $8
  • a mini-STEM challenge inspired by a picture book $2 - $3

Total value: $14

Monthly Price: $8


How does this membership work?

On the first of each month, I'll post a new lesson with an annotated picture books list, 3-5 general recommended activities, and a printable with hands-on activities, games, worksheets, or other correlating hands-on learning material. Later in the month, I'll also post a mini-STEM challenge, also inspired by a picture book. Members are all billed on the first of the month for that month's activities.

What if I Unhappy with this membership?

I sincerely hope you will enjoy being a part of STEM Storytime. That said, you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time. If you are completely unsatisfied, I'll refund you the cost of your latest month in the membership.

How can I download the lessons?

Each online lesson will have a link for downloading. I'll also provide an abbreviated library book checklist for all the books recommended in the lesson. Usually, downloads will be a pdf file. For longer BONUS UNITS, it may be a zip file.

I homeschool, but i don't teach in a co-op. How will this help me?

I am purposely designing these STEM Storytime lessons for small groups of students. However, some of the activities can be used with just a single student. If you want to add unit-based science lessons, STEM Storytime (& More) will be a great addition to your home education. 

I'm a public school teacher, not a homeschooler. why should i join?

As a homeschool parent, I am most experienced in working with a small group of children in a homeschool situation. That said, the picture books and activities also work well in a classroom setting! Activities include may printable activity ideas such as reader's theater, spinners, challenge cards, task cards, and booklets, as well as physical activities like scavenger hunts, games, and so forth. I'd also love feedback on what works for you and what doesn't so I can help all educators.

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