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Build a Bridge STEM Challenge


Unlock your students’ creativity and problem-solving skills with the Build a Bridge Challenge!

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This comprehensive lesson bundle includes everything you need to bring bridge-building to life in your classroom. Your students will be inspired by a curated list of annotated picture books, followed by a mini-lesson on the different types of bridges and how they support weight. Two interactive notebook pages with vocabulary, types, and forces help students engage with the material, while teacher tips and photos of real-life homemade bridges provide endless inspiration.
In the Build a Bridge challenge, students read a few books about bridges and then try their hand building their own bridge. The mini-lesson introduces a few types of bridges to get the students brainstorm. Here’s what is included in this product.
  • Annotated picture book list
  • Lesson on types of bridges and how they support the load on them.
  • Interactive notebook pages with vocabulary, types, and forces (also with worksheet option)
  • Ideas for the teacher for brainstorming, designing, creating, and testing your bridges, with tips from my past experiences
  • Photos of homemade bridge samples

Transform your classroom into an engineering hub with the Build a Bridge Challenge today!

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