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Weather Bear Printables and Weather Cards


Dress a weather bear and discuss weather with this weather bear + clothes set. It includes weather and season cards, as well as clothing and other vocabulary cards, in both English and Spanish.

This product includes the weather bear, clothes for five different kinds of weather, weather cards (in both English and Spanish!), and weather photographs for discussion.

There are many ways to use the materials in this packet. Here are some ideas of how I have used them.

Weather Bear & Clothes Images: Use this bear to track the daily weather in your home or classroom. Alternatively, use the bear to prompt discussion for various clothing choices based on various weather alternatives.

Weather Images for Discussion: Help the students identify the clothing choices in the images as well as the weather shown. In my Spanish Language Learning Preschool Class, I use these images for a listening game. After we learned the clothing, weather, and colors vocabulary, I describe a child in a weather situation and ask the children to identify the image I’m describing. The children enjoy taking their own turn once they are a little more comfortable describing using the Spanish vocabulary.

Weather, Clothing, Season, and Location Cards: I use the weather cards to track the daily weather along with our weather bear. We use the clothing, season, and location cards for practicing vocabulary (in my Spanish class). One could also track the season and name the clothing one puts on the weather bear. Kids could name and sort the clothing seen in the weather images as well.

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