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Spanish Alphabet Wall Cards BLUE option


These Spanish alphabet wall cards have a word and illustration for each letter of the Spanish alphabet.

Spanish Alphabet Wall Cards. The 14 pages contain cards for 28 letters of the Spanish alphabet, with a picture and word that corresponds. Each card is about 5 and a half inches by 8 and a half inches. Print, laminate, and cut apart for your Spanish or bilingual elementary classroom.
See the GALLERY for a sample page so you know the size of these cards.
The words included are as follows: abeja, barca, colores, desayuno, estudiante, flor, globo, huevos, invierno, jugar, kilogramo, libro, manzana, naranja, niños, ojos, pollo, queso, relámpagos, sal, tenedor, uvas, vaca, xilófono, yoyo, zapatos, windsurfista, llave, chica, perro
I’ve added an alternate for K and W: Kiwi and Washington.

See also the RED option.

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