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Teaching as Christ Teaches

Teaching as Christ TeachesIn Chapter Two of Stephanie Dibb Sorensen’s book Covenant Motherhood: Reflecting the Role of Christ in Our Lives, Sister Sorensen talks about how as mothers, we regularly emulate Jesus Christ as we teach our children.

Sister Sorenson knows

Teaching is not easy. Mother days are often busy and noisy and demanding. Sometimes we don’t even know we are teaching. One thing mothers can learn from the example of Jesus Christ is that He did not shy away from opportunities to teach. He recognized teaching moments and open His mouth. (page 14)

Sister Sorensen is not a home schooling mother, but I was really impressed by all the different opportunities she mentions that we can use as teaching opportunities: in the line at the super market, in crowds, at the dinner table, driving places, and on and on. As mothers we have the same opportunity to teach our kids. (Even when we’re not home schooling!)

One of the greatest things I got out of Sister Sorensen’s chapter is the reminder that all of these things work together. We will be teaching our kids, even if we don’t feel like we are.Continue Reading

ABC Monster Feeding

ABC MonsterEver since I’ve become more active on Pinterest, I’ve found that I am more creative at noticing ways to use items destined for the trash as learning tools and games in our homeschool. This week’s rescue from the garbage was an empty tissue box, and my daughter and I made it into a monster that likes eating ABCs.

The ABC Monster was easy to make with construction paper, goggle eyes, and tape. Then, my daughter and I wrote the alphabet on half notecards (uppercase on one side and lowercase on the other). She then delighted in putting the letters in and out of the monster mouth!Continue Reading

Easing Into the School Year: Lemonade Stand Math Game

This week is our second week of school, and nine days in to it, I’m ready for a break!

One mistake I made was that I tried to jump right in to some of our curriculum. For example, we began with a review in our math book (Singapore Primary Mathematics). My son was not amused. Apparently, he’s forgotten multiplication in the past six weeks.

But that is not fair for me to make light of his frustration: I understand that it is hard to jump in to work pages right off the bat. There needed to be a better solution.

And there was. Over the past nine school days, my son has complained that he “does not want to do school” and “only wants to do school games.” So, it was time to pull up the resources at my disposal.

The first math game I pulled out is a delightful, summery Lemonade Stand Math Game from my friend Emily Gibbons at The Literacy Nest.

Lemonade Stand GameContinue Reading