The First Thanksgiving Puppets Busy Bag

pilgrims puppets1 The First Thanksgiving Puppets Busy Bag  | Line upon Line LearningThanksgiving! It really sneaked up on me this year. We’ve had a super busy fall, and I am hoping we can take it a little easier come the post-holiday months.

But there are still a few holidays to get through first. This week, I made my daughter a simple puppet template related to the first Thanksgiving dinner with the Pilgrims and the Wampanoags. Although she is young, this is a nice start to understanding the meaning of the season as we act it out together with puppets.Continue Reading

Our Must-Have Bedtime Routine for Happy Kids

bedtime routine Our Must Have Bedtime Routine for Happy Kids | Line upon Line LearningWe started school early in August, because I felt our kids needed to get back in to routines . . . and Raisin agreed! This means that we’re on to a few days (dare I say two weeks?) of breaks right now, so I won’t burn out.

But there is one set of routines that we try to keep up with, even during the more chaotic non-school days: the bedtime routine. It amazes me how much my kids look forward to some aspects of our bedtime routine. Here’s a run down of some of the best parts of going to bed, according to our kids.Continue Reading