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Farmyard Sticker Stories Fun

story cornerToday it’s another special The Story Corner with some blogging friends, this month with an animal theme. I had high ambitions: a mother and baby farm animals matching game, and more. But our activity ended up much more simple and delightfully fun.

My daughter loves farm animals right now, so this was a perfect subject for us! She adores the Farm Animals chunky books: they are predictable, small, and work as blocks to make stacking towers when you are down reading them!

She also loves the Farmyard Tales about the Boot family. We decided to focus on these stories. After we read them (and listened to the audio CD) and read them some more, I asked her if she wanted to make Apple Tree Farm. I simply drew a hillside and a pond on a piece of paper and she went to town adding the animals! Farmyard sticker stories was simple but plenty fun!Farmyard Sticker StoriesContinue Reading

Beads and Pipe Cleaner Play

Beads and Pipe Cleaners Play Time | Line upon Line Learning blog

One of the go to activities my daughter has enjoyed lately is beads and pipe cleaners. Everywhere we go, I try to remember to bring out bead box! She and other children her age enjoy putting the beads on pipe cleaner to make “bracelets” and “necklaces.” I also found a simple strainer for her to put the pipe cleaners through.Continue Reading

Summer Brain Booster Books

201505 summer booksI mentioned a few weeks ago that I have been trying to reduce the number of unread books on my book shelves. At the same time, I’m trying to better recognize what my kids need and keep items around that will best meet their needs. Books are such an important part of this.

Am I a hypocrite? No. Books are an important part of a child’s life but the key has to be that the child will pick it up and read it!

I took two huge boxes of unloved, already read books to a thrift store this week. But I’ve also been slowly acquiring more books for us to have in our home as a part of my new consultancy for Usborne Books & More (as well as for us to enjoy in our homeschool, of course). I have found Usborne Books to be a perfect match to many of our homeschool needs for the years we’ve been homeschooling, and the new books we’ve enjoyed have only expanded on that!

This summer, I am providing a great deal to you to get some educational, fun, and all around delightful books for a low price, through my new Usborne shop. Select the books. I’ll order them and have them sent. If you order before Jun 15, 2015, I’ll also send a cinch bag for your kids to keep their books in!

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7 Books to Help Prepare for a New Sibling

201504 sibling books

My posts have been sporadic lately, but there is a great reason for that. Our family is expecting another little one to join us in the fall. Between homeschooling, Strawberry’s 3-year-old energy, and pregnancy exhaustion and sickness, it has been rough going!

Because I’m feeling better now, I am all the more excited to share our journey with you. We are so excited. In the past few weeks, we’ve been reading some excellent picture books together to help the kids prepare for the change coming to our family, especially for Strawberry, who did not understand at first.

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