To Grandmother’s House! Workbox Ideas for the Car

workbox for the car To Grandmothers House! Workbox Ideas for the Car  | Line upon Line LearningWe will certainly go over the river and through some woods, but our journey to grandmother’s house will take at least two days of solid driving in the car before we make it!

We have traveled across the country with our two kids twice before. We will take plenty of breaks, and I do have a tablet set up with plenty of applicable movies. But I am also realistic about tablet time not always being a possibility, and so I also have prepared for the fact that we are going to be squished in a car for a long time, and my two kids (ages 7 and almost 3) are going to be bored and uncomfortable.

To add to the holidays, I also wrapped the games I am bringing for the kids. I was not thinking about this post at the time, so I already wrapped it all! Much of what I wrapped up were things we already owned, but I am excited nonetheless for it to be a “surprise” for the kids as we go along the road.

wrapped workbox To Grandmothers House! Workbox Ideas for the Car  | Line upon Line Learning

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Nativity Puppets and Scenes

My daughter loves babies. When I took out my Christmas decorations, including half a dozen nativity scenes, she was very excited to see all the Baby Jesus figurines. Since this is the first Christmas that she will probably remember (to some extent), I’ve been emphasizing the nativity of Jesus Christ over the holiday traditions of Santa and his reindeer.

In keeping with the puppet and magnets games we’ve enjoyed (like the Thanksgiving Puppets and the Vehicle Town), I decided to do the same for the Christmas story. nativity puppets Nativity Puppets and Scenes | Line upon Line Learning

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Workbox Wednesday!

It’s time for the Workbox Wednesday linky! I’m busy getting my act together before we travel out of town, so be sure to check back later this week and next for plenty of busy bag ideas.

In the meantime, here is the linky for you to use. I’ll make sure to come back and add my links when I get the posts up later this week!

workshop wednesday 300x300 Workbox Wednesday! | Line upon Line LearningEvery Wednesday, come here to link up your workbox posts. If you cannot post it on Wednesday, don’t worry. The linky is open all month. So link up your workbox posts and let us know what you do to teach your kids and keep them busy. Please visit my co-hosts at Chestnut Grove Academy and Tots and Me as well! What is in your workbox this week?

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Badges for Books

badges for books Badges for Books | Line upon Line LearningThe class I teach at co-op is a combination reading and writing class: my goal is to help the kids in class learn to approach literature, and really any book they read, with a critical eye. Can they predict what happens? Can they see the evidence in the text to support their arguments?

It’s a challenge to work with kids from ages 5 to 10. They are at all different levels! But I have found that many picture books can be read and appreciated by all ages, and both the younger and older kids have been getting something out of this class.

To encourage reading at home besides what I do in our weekly class, I have created a “reading challenge” for the students to participate in. Badges for Book is a simple way to encourage a diverse diet of reading, and I’ve found it allows kids to choose books at their own reading level to complete the “challenge.”Continue Reading