Thoughts on First Jobs

happy+labor+day Thoughts on First Jobs | Line upon Line LearningHappy Labor Day to all in the USA!

As I ponder the reason for the holiday, I began to think of the different jobs I’ve had through the years, especially the very first ones I had. I was not particularly good at my jobs, but I learned a lot about hard work and giving my best regardless. Continue reading

Family and Home Ec in Our Homeschool

home+ec Family and Home Ec in Our Homeschool | Line upon Line Learning I think one of the greatest educational benefits of homeschooling is the chance to learn and study family and home economics. Homeschool home ec class is the most natural of our daily learning. Continue reading

Monster Postcard Templates and Cardboard Mailbox Center

postcards1 Monster Postcard Templates and Cardboard Mailbox Center | Line upon Line Learning

My kids love getting the mail.

“Can I get it?” Raisin asks if I mention the need to get the mail. “Is there anything for me?” he asks the minute I come in if I happened to get it.

He sends letters to friends and teachers. He sends letters to his grandparents. He loves to send and receive mail.

So of course we needed to create our own mail center in our playroom!

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30+ Duck Picture Books

duck+picture+books 30+ Duck Picture Books | Line upon Line Learning

My daughter is obsessed with ducks right now. She calls herself “Baby Duck” and if I do not call her that, she corrects me. I am, of course, “Mama Duck.” So this is a perfect time for finding all the books we can find about ducks.

Below I’ve included a huge list of books. Some of them have my explanation as to why we love them, but others are more self-explanatory or simply good books with less for me to say about them. I’ve included affiliate links for your convenience. Continue reading

Muffin Tin Phonics {A Pinteresting Project}

pinteresting+project+logo Muffin Tin Phonics {A Pinteresting Project} | Line upon Line Learning

Click this image for more “Pinteresting” Projects!

I love Pinterest for ideas for education and fun! I really do not consider myself a crafty person, so when Pinterest was new, I thought I should avoid it. I figured there was nothing simple enough for me.

How wrong I was! I love all of the ideas for learning and playing that I stumble upon on Pinterest.

Today I’m sharing an idea I found for a learning game using a muffin tin.

Here was the pin I stumbled upon:

It came from Growing Book by Book, where Jodie also shared two other games with muffin tins. Continue reading

Weather Bear

When my husband was young, his mother taught preschool. One thing he mentioned remembering was a weather bear in their basement classroom. A few months after we had a conversation about his childhood weather bear, his mother sent it to me!

But after 30 years of life, Grandma’s Weather Bear was definitely past his prime. The seal of the lamination no longer was tight. The Velcro tape had come off the back, and the sticky residue had somehow left stains that seeped through to the visible side of the bear. It was time for Grandma’s Weather Bear to retire.

Enter: The Reid School’s new weather bear!

weather+bear Weather Bear | Line upon Line Learning Continue reading