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Book Decluttering: Rethinking Your Home Book Storage

Book DeclutteringPut a book lover in a homeschooling situation, with access to library sales, garage sales, and hand-me-downs, and you’ll soon have a book storage problem.

This is a very real issue for me right now. I love picture books, I love great quality non-fiction, and I love having any book I could possibly need easily accessible. But the longer we homeschool, the more I realize I cannot physically store every book that is freely (or cheaply) available. Here are some ideas for making sure the books in your home are the books you need!

With springtime hopefully coming soon, I am finding myself eager to declutter and reorganize our books. It’s time to get rid of the ones that we no longer like in order to make room for those we may truly need!Continue Reading

Making Worksheets Reusable (Workbox Wednesday)

One of the things I’m including in my daughter’s workbox are her “Let’s Write” letter worksheets. Some of you may wonder about that. A worksheet for a three year old?

Now, I don’t love using worksheets, but I do think they have a place. Despite my husband’s desire to have a “paper free” homeschool, I believe it is important to practice writing on good old paper the old fashion way! My daughter is definitely one who loves to try to write and draw (unlike my son was) and so I’m eager to encourage her interest in writing.

One way I make worksheets fun is by simply laminating them. Now I have a reusable activity that my daughter can continue to practice on. Since I expect she will practice writing her letters many times in the next few years, her letter worksheets are laminated and therefore are reusable worksheets!

Laminate worksheets to reuse them!
Laminate worksheets to reuse them!

Continue Reading

Integrating STEM into Our Elementary Homeschool

201502stem-integration-BRLThe middle of the school year is the perfect time for evaluating how the curricula choices have been going and tweak the schedule.

This month, I finally accepted two things that I’ve been fighting against.

First, Writing With Ease Level 2 was not working for Raisin. He hated it. The “listen to a passage” portion was boring. The copywork was tedious. And although he seemed somewhat interested in the books the quotations were from, he was bored with all the work.

Secondly, my husband reiterated again to me that he wants me to do more with S.T.E.M. subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Now, I am not a science and math type of person. At least, those subject were always the most difficult for me in school. I was not even sure I could label what engineering really is. So I must insist that I still am not a STEM person.

That said, I have found that integrating STEM more fully in to our school work is not as hard as I was afraid of!Continue Reading

Toddler Busy Box Organization (Workbox Wednesday)

201502toddler busybox organization
If there is one thing parents know about toddlers, it is that they have a short attention span. They are unpredictable, too, so if you are headed somewhere and you want to keep them busy, it is best to have a number of options for them to choose from.

Busy boxes for toddlers, then, need to have a variety of different options. If you are taking them with you, it also must be easily portable! Here are some of the things I do to keep organized when preparing a busy box for my toddler.Continue Reading