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Quill Painting to Learn about Then and Now

My daughter and I have been having fun together since my seven-year-old son has been at day camp for two weeks. (More on this to come!)

One fun thing we discovered as we dropped him off at the beach for his Beach Day was a large feather. Strawberry was delighted when I showed her how we can “tickle” each other with the feather. She proceeded to tickle herself all the way home. I mentioned, in passing, that in the past people would use a feather or “quill” as a pen, by dipping the tip into ink and writing with it. She was so excited by the idea that she wanted to try it! Hence, we had a morning of quill painting.

Quill Painting

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Why I Don’t Care about Preschool Academics

I Don't Care about Preschool AcademicsMy daughter is going to start going to preschool at the beginning of September. I choose a park district program very close to my house, simply for convenience. The facility is nice, the teacher-student ratio is small, and I now she is going to love her time to explore and learn.

But I was taken aback when the preschool teacher began talking to me about the “curriculum.”

“Do you have an questions about our academics?”

I get it. I know teachers in Kindergarten these days are teaching early reading. But preschool should still be for fun! Continue Reading

Treasure Island-Inspired Compass Treasure Hunt

story cornerIt’s time for another Story Corner! The focus this month is beaches and oceans.

This month I thought I’d focus on my older child, with whom I’ve recently finished reading Treasure Island in the original and unabridged language. In Treasure Island, young Jim Hawkins travels across the ocean to a remote island, where the crew of the ship mutiny and turn out to be pirates! They spent plenty of time on the beaches of Treasure Island, and both my son and I enjoyed the setting, the intrigue, and the final result of their treasure hunt.

We began reading the book at the end of the school year, so I had intended to do writing and reading reflections about the book as we went along. It quickly became apparent, however, that we both simply enjoyed the story. I did not want to make our reading time into a chore, so I sat back and let it be a fun read along.

To celebrate our finishing, however, I wanted to do something fun! Why not do our own search for treasure in our “backyard” island?

A Treasure Island-Inspired Compass Treasure Hunt

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