Weather Bear

When my husband was young, his mother taught preschool. One thing he mentioned remembering was a weather bear in their basement classroom. A few months after we had a conversation about his childhood weather bear, his mother sent it to me!

But after 30 years of life, Grandma’s Weather Bear was definitely past his prime. The seal of the lamination no longer was tight. The Velcro tape had come off the back, and the sticky residue had somehow left stains that seeped through to the visible side of the bear. It was time for Grandma’s Weather Bear to retire.

Enter: The Reid School’s new weather bear!

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LDS Temples Lapbook Freebie

lds+temples2 LDS Temples Lapbook Freebie | Line upon Line LearningToday’s freebie is something I made for my son. I’ve mentioned before that we start our day with a devotional. A few weeks ago, my husband (aka, the principal) gave Raisin an additional assignment: find out how our home is like a temple.

I put all the information that we found together into an LDS Temples lapbook and we searched for images on the LDS Media Library page.  Scroll down to get your own copy of the flip-flaps for your own LDS Temples lapbook! Continue reading

Inexpensive Bookshelves {A Pinteresting Project}

pinteresting+bookshelves Inexpensive Bookshelves {A Pinteresting Project} | Line upon Line LearningI have been watching homeschoolers link up for the homeschool room reveal. I’ve been watching school teachers share pictures of their cool classrooms. It’s about time I do something with mine!

I am getting very excited about the things we’ve done. While the layout is still the same as it was last year, I am finding we have an overabundance of stuff this year: the books keep multiplying, the games people gift me have overrun the closet, and my newly found crafty side (more about this later) also means that a plethora of various craft items are bursting out of the closet.

I need more storage! But I don’t want to spend a fortune (which I don’t have) or add permanent fixtures to the room (as we’ll be moving at some point!).

When I need ideas, I head over to Pinterest!

One thing I found on pinterest gave me a ton of inspiration for taking care of the books problem. Enter, an inexpensive alternative to bookshelves!

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Why We Use a Paper Planner in a Digital Age

planner+main+image Why We Use a Paper Planner in a Digital Age | Line upon Line LearningMy son is second grade. To me, this seems to be a year of new responsibility. He’s old enough to begin learning to take ownership for his own education.

But he will need a lot of help and prompting.

He is also still a kid. He gets super distracted. I send him to clean his room and 30 minutes later he’s read a book, and the room is as messy as ever. Getting school work done keeps him focused only if he remembers some motivation, such playing a game with his sister or checking it off the list.

There is something else to know about my son. He loves electronics. Computers, tablets, phones: they are all fun and easy to use. He is a natural, and I’ve encouraged his learning through technology. Let’s face it: we live in a digital world. His clocks, music players, and some of his curricula are online. He’s learning to type (very successfully), and he wants to learn HTML and programming.I want to encourage his digital learning. Technology can be a powerful tool.

I have my homeschool lesson plans online. I considered assigning Raisin things via a Windows 8 app. He would log in and find his assignment. But I ultimately decided that I do not want him to have a digital planner for school.

Here’s are a few of the reasons why I give my son a paper planner instead of a digital planner. Continue reading

2014-2015 Curricula: Second Grade

nbts blog hop calendar 2014 2014 2015 Curricula: Second Grade | Line upon Line LearningSince we’ve started the school year already, the iHomeschool Blog Hop has come at the perfect time! I’m ready to share my curricula for Raisin’s second grade year. (Note: This was last week’s linky, but I do the best I can!). Strawberry, age 2, is going to be enjoying learning too, but I don’t have anything formal for her this year!

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ABC Puzzles and Dominoes: Limited Time Flash Freebie at Teacher’s Notebook

My daughter loves the feel of our solid dominoes. I decided to make it all the more applicable to her by adding letters to the tops instead of the dots!

She has had so much fun with these ABC dominoes. I used a tiny bit of glue stick glue on each tile. The glue keeps the laminated letters on easily, but the laminated papers come right off, and the tiles are no worse for the wear.

I am so excited to share some special news for followers of my Teacher’s Notebook shop!

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