Mentor Monday: Apples and Fall

fall+picture+books1 Mentor Monday: Apples and Fall | Line upon Line LearningIt cooled off! This Monday morning feels like fall.

Today, in celebration of the coming of the new season, I have two great fall picture books to share with some ideas on how to incorporate them in to learning. Continue reading

What Grandparents Teach Me

grandparents+teach+me What Grandparents Teach Me | Line upon Line LearningThis past Sunday was Grandparents Day, and although I did not have a chance to post about it then, I have been thinking for some time about how much I learn from my children’s grandparents. Grandparents teach me how to be a better parent. It is so important to let my kids get to know them, and I’m grateful for their love and examples. Here are three of the best things I learn from my parents and in laws that I’m grateful for.

Patience.  It is true that it may be easier to be patient when you know that the frustrating child will return home at the end of the day. But still, when a child is taking forever to do something, it is hard to keep patient. My parents and in-laws do it. And my children and I love them for it!

Priorities. My children’s grandparents remind me that the silly spills, messes, and chaos of childhood will not last. Their kind words to my children help them understand unconditional love they have for them. It helps to see those priorities

Example. My children’s grandparents give time in religious service. My parents are serving in Nicaragua for an extended length of time. My in-laws lead, visit others, and care for those who need. What a great example they are to my parents of unselfish Christ-like service! I am so grateful that their example shines brightly for my kids to see.

As the saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words.” I am grateful for the actions of our grandparents to help me keep parenting in perspective!


I Pledge Allegiance

pledge+freebie I Pledge Allegiance | Line upon Line LearningOn September 11, 2001, I got up early because that was the only time my apartment of six was quiet. I read the entire New York Times and headed up to my early Economics class. When I got there, I learned of the attacks in New York.

How do I teach of this historic happening without causing my children undue fear? I am not sure yet. My son is only 6, and we talk about it a little more each year. This year, I’m focusing on what it means to be an American.

We’re going to study the Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem today in honor of Patriot’s Day. What better way to learn about being an American than by declaring “I pledge allegiance” to this country! Continue reading

Kitchen Table Science: Sink or Float?

duck+activities2 Kitchen Table Science: Sink or Float? | Line upon Line Learning
We’ve been learning about ducks, thanks to Strawberry’s interest. After reading dozens of books and playing with duckies in the tub, Strawberry still wants more!

To play up the duck theme yet farther, Strawberry, Raisin, and I conducted experiments with sinking and floating.  Before hand, we predicted which items would sink and float. We got all the items we could find from around the house. Continue reading

Tips for Teaching Children at Home: A Link-Up to Help B.C. Parents

teaching+your+children+at+home Tips for Teaching Children at Home: A Link Up to Help B.C. Parents | Line upon Line LearningHave you heard what is happening in British Columbia? There is a province-wide teacher strike. So far, the government and the teachers have been unable to reach an agreement that would allow the teachers back in school.

What does this mean? It means half a million school children must remain home for the first few months of the school year. With no end in site, this could last a very long time.

For me and other homeschool parents, this is not a new thing. But teaching children at home may be new and possibly overwhelming to many of those parents who are now teaching their elementary-aged kids in their home. Here are some tips to help parents get started. Continue reading

Top 10 Moon Picture Books and Educational Activities

moon+books1 Top 10 Moon Picture Books and Educational Activities | Line upon Line LearningThis week’s Thematic Thursday is all about space, and I’ve chosen to focus a bit more on the moon.

(Yes, I realize that it is no longer Thursday, but we do what we can, right?!)

We studied the moon and space about two years ago, when my son was starting his kindergarten year. His grandma sent him a solar system set that we painted, and we read a lot of books about space. We will be doing space again this year for our science at co-op and I look forward to revisiting the subject. (I love astronomy!)

Here are some of the best moon picture books and educational activities about the moon. (Note: Affiliate links are provided for your convenience.) Continue reading