Workbox Wednesday (October 21)

Today it’s Workbox Wednesday again! It has been a crazy week, and last week Strawberry did not finish all of her ABC activities. So I’m sending most of them back again, along with another fun LeapFrog game that asks the letters.

I’ll be back next Wednesday with another unique workbox! Meanwhile, link your post up below!


workshop wednesday 300x300 Workbox Wednesday (October 21) | Line upon Line LearningEvery Wednesday, come here to link up your workbox posts. If you cannot post it on Wednesday, don’t worry. The linky is open all month. So link up your workbox posts and let us know what you do to teach your kids and keep them busy. Please visit my co-hosts at Chestnut Grove Academy and Tots and Me as well! What is in your workbox this week? Link up your Workbox posts below:

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Workbox Wednesday: ABCs Workbox

abc workbox Workbox Wednesday: ABCs Workbox | Line upon Line LearningStrawberry loves the LeapFrog videos that teach the letters. She is quite adept at recognizing letters (especially uppercase letters) as we go about our daily life, and often recalls the LeapFrog word most frequently associated with it. Thus, the “C” is “Cold” and the “H” is Hot.

I decided to send a few letter activities in her workbox this week. She’ll loved it! Here’s what I had for her.

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Embracing Mess: 3 Reasons to Let Mess In (Paper Mache USA)

mess 3 great reasons Embracing Mess: 3 Reasons to Let Mess In (Paper Mache USA) | Line upon Line Learning

Despite the fact that I am a homeschooling mom to two, and therefore I am surrounded by my kids all day, I cannot stand chaos and mess. I just do not do well. My son has never been overly interested in crafts projects. He likes building projects and reading and putting things together, but he too does not like mess.

My daughter is a different story. She wants to try it all!

So, when I read Recipes for Play a few weeks ago (reviewed on Rebecca Reads), I started feeling the urge to try something messy and drastically different. I saved some newsprint and bought paints. We were going to make a three-dimensional paper mache model of the United States. I learned to let mess in, and I learned about teaching in the process! Continue Reading

Hands-On LDS Devotional: Painting Lehi’s Dream

painting lehi dream Hands On LDS Devotional: Painting Lehis Dream | Line upon Line LearningI love to start our school day with a simple devotional but I’m struggling with how to make it memorable for my young son when he has a sister dancing around distracting him. My son is seven now, so I know he can do more than simply listen to the words of scriptures. I know he understands.

The past few weeks we were revisiting General Conference talks but now we are back to our (very slow) study of The Book of Mormon.

This week I decided to ask Raisin respond to what we read (1 Nephi 8) by painting it.Continue Reading