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Keeping Passwords Safe Online

I have been online for many years, of course, but with the addition of a tablet and a smart phone, logging in to accounts has become increasingly difficult. Accounts frequently require a secure password, with forced password changes every two months. Given the danger of account hacking and identity theft, I don’t blame anyone for requiring such security measures, and I’m grateful! But it is so hard to remember all of the various logins I have! How could I keep my passwords safe?Continue Reading

Make Your Own Book: Lift-the-Flap Spring Colors

story corner 201504 lift the flap spring2This month’s Story Corner Blog Hop is about Spring, and while I have a huge number of favorite spring books I could share about (I may in the coming weeks), the book I kept coming back to is one that my daughter has recently fallen in love with: Lift-the-Flap Colors.

Because spring is simply packed full of new colors, this seemed the perfect book to keep my daughter interested in a Springy activity. We decided to make our own Lift-the-Flap book, but this time with the spring colors we see!Continue Reading

Egg Carton ABC Penny Drop (Workbox Wednesday)

201504 egg carton abcs

My son’s Math and Science Club teacher through the park district came to class with a pile of amazingly large egg cartons recently. They played a math game, but my daughter and I used a blank one to make an ABC Penny Drop game.

All we needed was the egg carton, a marker, and a handful of pennies. Strawberry had a ton of fun dropping or throwing the pennies at the egg carton and then delightedly telling me what letter she had landed on.

We also used some ABC flashcards to match the letter we hit to the letters of the alphabet. She was delighted whenever we landed on a letter we had not yet landed on!Continue Reading

Three Things My Three-Year-Old Teaches Me

Three Things My 3-Year-Old Teaches MeMy little Strawberry-girl turned three two months ago, and the fact that it has taken me so long to get this post written is a testament to how crazy life is with her around. The truth be told, I would not have it any other way. Strawberry keeps me on my toes but she makes each moment of the day a delight. Here are three simple things my three-year-old teaches me about life.Continue Reading