Best Picture Books About Martin Luther King, Jr.

mlk booksYesterday was Martin Luther King Day, of course! As a homeschooling family, we still kept on with school as usual, except we took a while to stop and read some great picture books together. Since my son has been reading a chapter book biography all week, many of the facts in the picture books were familiar to him. My toddler was interested in “the King” as she said it, wanting to see him on each page. Although at some point she’ll come to understand that Martin Luther King is not about a royal king, I felt it was a good way to approach the day for her given her age!Continue Reading

Mentor Text Monday: Goal Setting Compare Contrast

Mentor Monday button NEWIn my reading and writing co-op, my goal has been to help the kids learn to read a book beyond just reading it! I want them to recognize the story arc, and hopefully compare it to ones we have already read. I want them to read something and notice the evidences in the text that give it meaning.

In my co-op class, we read two similar stories and compared and contrasted them. Two of those we read fit in perfectly with this week’s Mentor Monday (Character Building with Goal Setting), for in both of them, kids work towards earning money for a goal.Continue Reading

“I Spy” Busy Box

i spy busy box
I have seen the rice “I spy” packages before on Pinterest, so since my son has become interested in word searches and daughter has become interested in the “I Spy” books we have, I thought it was time to make an “I Spy” busy box. Some of these activities work for the toddler, others are more appropriate for the 7-year-old child, and some are games they can both play (albeit, a bit differently with the toddler involved!).Continue Reading