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I am an LDS homeschooling mother of three, “Raisin” born in 2007, “Strawberry” born in 2012, and “Kitty” born in 2015.

I have a degree in English and teaching experience as a writing tutor and also as an elementary-level teacher at local homeschool co-ops, where I have taught language arts, Spanish, history, and STEM. I love creating games and hands-on activities for my kids, especially activities  with an emphasis on great books.

Homeschooling is the most difficult thing I've ever done, as well as the most rewarding.​ I depend on God's guidance to help me, although many of the teaching ideas I share are secular in nature.


My first goal in setting up Line upon Line Learning is to provide encouragement to other homeschool families. I never intended to homeschool before my son was of school age, so when I started out on my homeschool journey, it felt a little overwhelming. I hope my stories, my research, my suggestions, and my products assist others as they begin the journey too.

I also hope that my thoughts on education will reach educators of all kinds. My educational resources make learning and reading fun for all students.
I hope to share the joy of learning with all parents, teachers, and children. Take things one day at a time, and ENJOY!

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