Parts of Speech Freebie

This week has been great! We focused on learning the parts of speech in our co-op.

Out-of-Your Seat Sort

I saw this activity idea on printerest. Here’s what it looks like!

Parts of Speech Practice

I gave them each 3-5 sticks with words written on them. Suddenly, the kids were up and moving around the room, laughing at the words and asking for clarification from each other about which part of speech they had in their hands. It worked! They loved it! After we sorted our sticks into the correct cups, the kids could each select one and make their own crazy sentences.

Parts of Speech Art

I wanted to keep the momentum going about these parts of speech, so I sent them home with this color-by-part-of-speech worksheet to review it. Download it yourself. Let me know if it is helpful to you in your class as well! Click the image to download.

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  • Thank you for the awesome parts of speech artwork freebie! Pinterest is fantastic and has so many great ideas! So hard not to get sucked into pinning new things for too long.

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