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Vegetables Counting and Early Literacy (Tops and Bottoms inspired)


After reading Tops and Bottoms by Jan Stevens, sort vegetables based on where the edible part grows (on top of the ground or underneath). Then, practice counting vegetables and write about your favorite!

In this fun vegetable themed learning packet, kids practice counting to 10, understanding one-to-one correspondence, finish a simple writing prompt, and learn the names of familiar vegetables.

The “Tops and Bottoms” chart lets the student sort vegetables by whether we eat the part of the plant that grows on top of the soil or that which grows under the soil, as inspired byTops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens.

Includes the following in English and Spanish (whenever there is text):

  • Tops and Bottoms Vegetable sort
  • Favorite Vegetable writing/drawing page
  • Counting vegetables from 1 to 10 clip cards
  • Number matching “How many vegetables?” puzzles
  • Friendly face vegetable flash cards
  • Extension ideas

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