I help parents, teachers, and homeschoolers give children a life-long love of learning.

I love providing hands-on and engaging learning activities, ideas, games, and printables, with an emphasis on great books. 

Rebecca reid


Life is more fun if you play games!
                                      Roald Dahl

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Animal Tracks


My students loved learning in a fun way--This totally got them excited!

Tazmin M. - Customer

"Keep up the good work"


Have been keeping up with your blog for over a year and you're always writing up some great posts. . . . Keep up the good work :)

Blog Reader

Author's Purpose Task Cards


I like the different examples that are given and some of the examples really make students think about which Author's Purpose it is.

Amanda - Customer

Layers of the Atmosphere


I'm going to do this Layers of the Atmosphere lab for my biology final. I have to teach the class about the composition of the atmosphere and then do a lab with them and I think this lab is perfect. Thank you so much!

Levi younkin - Blog Reader

Love this post about unschooling science! As a former elementary school teacher, I feel like my science exploration with my students was pretty weak. Sadly, there wasn't an emphasis put on it due to standardized testing. Now, as a homeschool mom, I let my kids take the lead. We go off of their interests. I would rather instill a love for learning at this young age than adopt a curriculum to use.

Katrina - Blog Reader

Clouds Bundle


What a fantastic resource!! So glad I bought it and have used it in doing a mini-unit! I can't explain how wonderful, useful, helpful, creative, and reuseable this fantastic product is! We love playing the bingo game and the kid's knowledge has increased. This has helped me in planning and delivery and the kids loved using the charts and task cards. It took us away from dull and a not so informative book but we learned so much more!! Thanks!!!

P Ann D. - Customer

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I'm Rebecca Reid

I help homeschoolers get started homeschooling, and I help educators of all kinds find ready-to-go creative digital activities to use in the classroom and at home.   

I've been homeschooling my three children for a decade, and I find the experience constantly changing and challenging me. I have a degree in English and I teaching experience as a writing tutor and also as an elementary-level teacher at local homeschool co-ops, where I have taught language arts, Spanish, history, and STEM. I love creating games and hands-on activities for my kids and my students, especially those with an emphasis on great books. 

Homeschooling is the most difficult thing I've ever done, as well as the most rewarding.

Yes, You CAN


You CAN gain the confidence you need to start homeschooling.

Let go of your worries because the "I could never"s about homeschooling are only myths!

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