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Pi Day Math Activities – Book-Inspired


Your Pi Day (March 14) plans are all here! Read one of the suggested books and then teach the basics of circles and Pi with these activity suggestions and printables.

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Celebrate Pi Day (March 14th) with an educational and interactive activity! Read one of the suggested books and then teach the basics of circles and Pi, including measuring circumference and diameter. With accompanying worksheets, students will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge by measuring real-life objects and reinforcing their understanding of this important mathematical concept. This hands-on approach to learning will make the material more engaging and memorable. Don’t miss out on this fun and educational Pi Day activity.


  • Book List
  • Measuring Circumference Tips
  • Activity Ideas
    • Worksheets
    • Ratios (2 versions)
    • All about Circles (diameter, radius, circumference) (1 version)
    • Solve the Circles (diameter, radius, circumference, surface area for 13 items)
    • Find the Mystery Number (for hands-on measuring practice) (2 versions)
    • Circle Equations Quick Reference
  • Flap Book x3
    • Version with equations and real-life example pictures
    • Version with equations and no examples
    • Version with equations and real-life example images to cut-and-paste
  • File Fold Sort
    • Circular items (representing circumference, diameter , radius, surface area) to sort under proper title on a file folder sort

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