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Mini-Golf STEM Challenge Book-inspired


Can you design a hole for a miniature mini-golf course? What makes a great design? Use this STEM Challenge to get creative.

Who doesn’t like mini-golf?! This challenge gives students a chance to design, create, and play a hole for a miniature mini-golf hole. The end result is quite fun!

Book-Inspired Mini-Golf STEM Challenge suggests a fun book about golf (and mini-golf), with some alternates, and then gives instructions and ideas for implementing a STEM challenge for students to build a hole for their own mini-golf course. This includes instructions and suggestions for the teacher and a planning template for students. I also include sample photos of mini-golf course holes made by students.

Following the challenge pages is a mini-lesson about angles and mirrors, which teaches students how a golf ball hitting a wall will be reflected off the wall at the same angle. Finally, three math practice pages let students use a protractor to reflect angles off a mini-golf wall.

See the preview for a look at the included pages!


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