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STEM Challenge Bundle


INDIVIDUALLY, these products would be $35.

Bring STEM fun to your classroom with these STEM challenges. Each challenge brings a book list, a supply list with teacher tips for the challenge, and an additional mini-lesson about the concepts learned.

This is a slow-growing bundle. I will add a challenge approximately every other month (at least 6 a year).

Building Blocks Bricks Prompt Cards

Use these 60 illustrated prompt cards for creating new things out of bricks or blocks.

Mini-Golf STEM Challenge Book-inspired

Can you design a hole for a miniature mini-golf course? What makes a great design? Use this STEM Challenge to get creative.

Birds' Nests STEM Challenge

Can you make a bird's nest? Choose one of the great books about birds and then use this STEM Challenge to prompt children to make their own birds' nests.

Origami Animals STEM Challenge

Challenge your students to master the scientific art of origami with this book-inspired origami challenge.

Build a Circuit STEM Challenge

What would we do without electric light? The world would feel quite different. Lights color our world even in the dark. Can your students put together their own circuits? With this challenge, they can light up their own decorations with LED lights.

Build a Bridge STEM Challenge

Unlock your students' creativity and problem-solving skills with the Build a Bridge Challenge!

6 Christmas STEM Challenges

Add some Christmas Fun with these 6 book-inspired themed STEM challenges.

Pi Day Math Activities - Book-Inspired

Your Pi Day (March 14) plans are all here! Read one of the suggested books and then teach the basics of circles and Pi with these activity suggestions and printables.

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Unlock your students’ creativity and problem-solving skills with these STEM challenges. Challenge sets have most or all of the following

  • a themed and annotated book list or suggestion
  • a mini-lesson
  • activity pages or printables
  • teacher tips and tricks to help your students start building, creating, calculating, and designing
  • photos of STEM challenge projects

See each product for specifics about that product.

Currently included:

  • Birds’ Nests
  • Bricks Creative Building
  • Build a Bridge
  • Build a Circuit
  • Mini-Golf
  • Origami
  • Pi Day Math (added April 2023)
  • 6 Christmas Challenges (added April 2023)
  • more to come!

This is a slow-growing bundle. I will add a challenge approximately every other month (with a goal of 6 a year).

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