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Birds’ Nests STEM Challenge


Can you make a bird’s nest? Choose one of the great books about birds and then use this STEM Challenge to prompt children to make their own birds’ nests.

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Birds’ Nests STEM Challenge challenges children to try their hand at imitating birds by creating their own birds’ nests to meet the needs of a bird, either a real bird or an imaginary bird of their own creation.

The product provides an extensive annotated list of books related to birds’ nests and how birds build and design their own nests. The lesson portion provides images of unique birds’ nests, as well as links to real birds and their nests. The challenge provides some tips from my experience leading this STEM unit, as well as brainstorming pages for students to consider what their own birds (for this project) may need for their nest. Finally, I’ve included sample images of human-created birds’ nests to help you and/or your students to be able to get started with your ideas.


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