Practice Recognizing Short Vowel Sounds with an Autumn Game

Strawberry may be kindergarten aged and learning to read, but she does not want to sit down and do a worksheet, thankyouverymuch. So to make sure we get a bit of school in our exploring, I have to be creative and turn it in to a game. This week we played an autumn-themed game to help us recognize the short vowel sounds. The colorful autumn cards gave it a nice seasonal twist that my daughter appreciated as we played in her Halloween costume!

Practice recognizing short vowel sounds with an autumn-themed game.

Setting Up the Short Vowel Sounds Game

The short vowel sounds game is available in three color options: full color, less color, and black and white. I decided to go all out with full color this time to let my daughter enjoy the fall-themed game. I cut out each of the picture cards, and then I laminated the short vowel game board, so it would be more durable.

We don’t need a dice for the game, but we did find some markers to move on the board. I love how Strawberry wanted the autumn-toned colors for our players too!

We practice identifying short vowels with this autumn short vowel sounds game.

Playing the Short Vowels Game

The game board shows two children who are walking home. They must follow the path by correctly identifying the short vowels. Each turn, a player chooses a card and names the item or action shown. Then, he or she names the short vowel used in that word. The player can then move forward along the path.

The path does have short cuts, and my daughter really wanted to land on a short cut space too!

See a little more about the short vowel phonics game in this video. You’ll hear reference to Princess Magnolia (that is Strawberry) and Poppy the Troll (that is Kitty). We had to do Halloween costumes given the season.

You can purchase the Short Vowel Sounds Game (Autumn) in my Shop, or at TeachersPayTeachers.

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