Silly Sentences Funny Early Reading Practice

My daughter is so proud that she can read simple consonant-vowel-consonant words now. She still needs to sound them out sometimes, but it comes with ease now. Because she's gotten to this point of fluency, she can read for understanding.

The best activity we've done lately is switched the right words to the wrong words. It makes for a funny sentence. I made up a center for her to practice sentences editing and correcting CVC words. In the simple sentences, which have a related image, just one letter is incorrect. The resulting sentence has a CVC word that makes no sense! Finding the errors is a hoot!

We practice early reading skills by finding errors in silly CVC word sentences. What a hilarious result the errors create!

Two Options for Sentences Editing

I printed the cards with sentences and laminated them so my daughter could circle the WRONG words using a dry erase marker. The lamination also preserves the task cards for future use! 

I also created a recording sheet for others to record the incorrect words and write what the word should be. I knew that my daughter was not ready for the writing aspect of the activity, but some students will be. This could be a great handwriting practice activity as well.

Amusing an Early Reader

Now that my girl has learned to sound out CVC words, the world of stories is opening. The best part of our Sentences Editing project was that she could find the humor in the incorrect words.

Check out some sample sentences:

Her bright wed sled is fast.

The tot can hit the pat.

The water gum is lots of fun!

The cop mops the web spot.

She understands it all! And she finds it hilarious.

Correcting CVC Words: Sentences Editing

Want to bring laughter into your reading practice? Let your early reader find the errors in this hilarious "editing" task card set!

You can get this product at my Shop or at my TPT store.

Correcting CVC sentences gives early readers experience carefully reading CVC words as they hunt for the one word that is an error in the sentence. The one wrong word makes the sentence hilarious! What a hoot.
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