Subtraction Hearts: Valentine’s Day Themed Subtraction Practice

It was time to review some basic subtraction practice using a number of fun subtraction activities just perfect for the Valentine’s Day season.

We review subtraction with Valentine's Day themed activities and worksheets, including subtraction BINGO, and subtraction true/false equations.

About the Valentine’s Day Subtraction Activities

Subtraction Hearts is subtraction practice for numbers 25 and less. It includes more than 60 pages of practice including the following games and activities:

  • A number line from 0 to 25 (4 versions)
  • Matching game: match the equation to the answer
  • I Have, Who Has? for 24 students or teams.
  • Six subtraction worksheets (answers included)
  • Subtraction Hearts True or False File Folder Game (match the equation to the correct side of the folder based on whether or not it is true)
  • Bingo cards (26 unique cards with numbers up to 20 and 20 calling cards with equations)

I’d say my son’s favorite activity this time around was probably the True or False equations. What could be more fun than pretending to eat chocolates and candies?

201502subtraction heart2

Adapting I Have, Who Has? Subtraction Game For Homeschool

Have you used I Have, Who Has? In a classroom, the idea is for each student to have one of the cards. Then, the first stuent reads the question. Whomever has hte answer answers with the Top phrase, ” I Have….!” Then asks their question. All the students have to pay close attention so they won’t makethe class wait while the one asking repeats the “Who Has?” I also made a Pizza Fractions version but made it with an “I Ate…” “Who ate?” twist!

For our homeschool classroom, I Have, Who Has? becomes a puzzle as we try to put the cards in the proper order. I made the subtraction cards in my game go in a circle so we could start at any point. I personally think these are so much fun!

201502subtraction hearts3

We had a lot of fun reviewing subtraction! Since this was an activity for subtraction less than 25, it rather easy for Raisin. The variety of activities included helped make the review fun for him.

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See another fun subtraction game!

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