Holiday “crackers” are getting more and more popular in the USA, so we had fun with holiday compound words by putting the broken “crackers” together during our hands-on Language Art lesson.


Holiday Crackers for Compound Words

When our family spent a year in Australia (my oldest was born there), my favorite part of the familiar holiday season were crackers. Also called “bon-bons” or “poppers,” crackers are tubes that have (worthless) trinkets inside. Pull the sides apart, and *crack!* a loud noise startles you and the toy is yours!

At the time of my discovery, I determined that we’d have holiday crackers every year, but, since this is a “new” tradition, I always forget about them on Christmas. So why not make them into a New Year treat? I think they fit better with New Years anyway, since they are noisy and fun and so is the countdown! As a result, putting a New Year holiday compound words activity seemed like a fun idea.


By putting together the two sides of the cracker, my son could hide a “surprise” underneath: the compound word the two other words created.

Compound Word Surprises

I love the magic of compound words. Put a key with a boring old board, and now you have a keyboard!

The simplicity of holiday crackers is a perfect match to the surprise of compound words: inside the crackers on the interactive worksheets are images of the compound word “treat” to enjoy .

Happy New Year! Holiday “Crackers” Compound Words and two non-seasonal compound words activities are available in my site Shop and my TeachersPayTeachers store.

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