Learning about snowflakes is a perfect lesson for learning about symmetry.  When we read Zoo Flakes ABC by Will C. Howell, we got a unique alphabet of zoo animals as well as instructions for making our own symmetrical STEAM snowflake craft. 

About the Picture Book: Zoo Flakes ABC

Zoo Flakes ABC by Will Howell is a fun ABC art and craft book. Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a snowflake cut in the shape of an animal, and they are fantastically detailed. We also loved finding the image of the animal in each snowflake. As an adult, I personally loved the details in the images of the animals. Seriously beautiful.

From a parent perspective, I loved how Zoo Flakes ABC was a different ABC book. Sometimes the same old thing gets boring. There are plenty of same old thing ABC books, and we’ve read them all, it feels like. An alphabet of snowflakes cut to shape like animals was definitely unique.

Making Symmetrical Zoo Flakes

Since Mr. Howell included detailed directions on how to make our own zoo flakes, we did just that.

You should know that I am completely not an artistic or crafty person. I’ve never made an attractive snowflake in my life. But I was finally successful on this project.  At least, I felt like I was. here is one image below that I intended to be a sheep and my 5-year-old insists it looks more like an octopus. Okay, then, maybe not.

My STEM Challenge class got in to it too! The image above is a "person flake." Pictured below are some of our best: a chicken-flake, sheep-flake, cat head-flake, and snake flake. Farther down are another snake-flake and a fish-flake.

Often, the Zoo Flakes would fall apart upon opening. It was also difficult to fold it to get the six-sided symmetry. Nevertheless, the kids and I had a lot of fun deciding which from the alphabet of animals we should try to create next. Mr. Howell make it look easy in his gorgeous picture book. It was not easy at all!

Learn More About Symmetry and Snowflakes

Check out these related books for learning about symmetry and trying your own hand at Zoo Flakes.

What animal would you choose for this symmetrical STEAM snowflake craft?

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