Double Gross Motor Early Reading Egg Hunt

Apparently, searching for eggs never gets old. My older kids and my kindergartner all love hiding and searching for eggs in our home and our yard, time and time again, even when it's not quite Easter! I told my youngest that I'd hide eggs for her yet again today if she would read the words found inside each one! I choose words that she could read with a little sounding out help, and she loved acting them out in our early reading egg hunt this morning!

Take early reading practice on the move with an active egg hunt.

Setting Up the Egg Hunt

The most challenging part for my kindergartner was waiting. I had to set up our impromptu learning moment. It only took about 5 minutes, but for a kindergartner, that feels like a long time! I cut index cards into small rectangles and wrote the words on them. I chose some simple CVC and sight words that I knew she would recognize.

Here are the words that I chose.

  • go
  • cat
  • pat
  • hop
  • pop
  • sit
  • hug
  • pet
  • mom
  • dad
  • car
  • dog
  • spin
  • jump
  • stop
  • I knew that with sounding-out help, my daughter would be able to read these words.

    Egg Hunt Fun

    My daughter was delighted that I agreed to hide the eggs for her. She wanted to search again and again. Because I put "acting out" words in the eggs, it ended up being a double gross motor activity. That is, she both ran around searching for the eggs and she had to act out the words once she read them!

    The hardest words for her were the three words with blends in them. I knew that would be the case, but I knew that with my help she would be up to the challenge. She loved that each word had a way for her to act out: vroom like a car, hug her sister, and bark like a dog. She rolled her eyes at Mom and Dad, though! She's known those as sight words for quite a long time.

    In the end, we had a fun time together. I knew that, with the advent of wonderful spring weather, it would be difficult to get her to "do school" with me of any kind. adding in a little school to the activity she already wanted to do was so fun. Early reading should not really be about dull readers and pointer fingers. Making it an activity like this was perfect for my active learner.

    Action! Cards

    Get some already-made action cards to help you get your kids moving! These are perfect for much needed movement breaks, or the action prompts on each card can be hidden behind flashcards, inside eggs for a scavenger hunt, or action rewards for having finished a different project. Get your kids moving!

    You can also get these cards at my TeachersPayTeachers shop.

    Practice early reading in a double gross motor egg hunt. (Search for eggs, and act out the words found inside!)
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