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Correcting CVC Words (Sentences Editing)


In the Error Detective CVC Sentences Editing Task Cards, each sentence has a cvc word spelling incorrect. Funny early reader sentences editing!

In the Error Detective CVC Sentences Editing Task Cards, each sentence has one word with one letter incorrect. Can your early reader find the error in each sentence?

Using these CVC Words Sentences Editing sweetdollardeals Task Cards:
Careful reading helps students avoid comprehension errors. By finding the wrong words in sentences, students practice reading carefully. Since there is just one word with one incorrect letter in each sentence, students are amused and proud when they can spot the wrong word.

One way to use the cards is as a center activity. Laminate the cards, Then provide a dry erase marker for the student to circle the wrong words in each sentence.

Alternatively, students can “write the room” as they travel from desk to desk, reading the cards and recording their answers on their individual answer sheets.

The task cards are provided three times:
* full color images with a background
* less color images (no background)
* black/white images
The (optional) recording sheet is provided in black/white twice.
* One where student is asked to write which word is spelled wrong.
* Once where student is asked to write incorrect word and what it should be.

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