Ultimate Guide to Early Reading Resources and Activities

Now that my daughter is showing interest and ability in sounding out words and recognizing the print around her, it's time I read up on it too and find the early reading activities that will be a perfect match for her personality. If you are starting out in teaching a child to read, this ultimate guide to early reading resources and activities is essential.

General Early Reading Tips for Parents and Educators

It helps to know what other parents and educators do to help encourage literacy during the early reading stages. Here are some tips from others to help you get your bearings.

Phonemic Awareness Early Reading Activities and Tips

Before a child is quite ready to sound out words and memorize sight words, we need to make sure they have some strong phonemic awareness. Here are some fun early reading activities and resources to help establish a phonemic foundation for reading.

Early Readers: Printable Booklets

Of course, we get tons of books to read from the library and bookstore. Here are some lists of free printable readers as well as round-ups of favorite early readers to check out.

CVC Early Reading Activities and Tips

Since my daughter knows the first sounds for all of the alphabet, CVC words are great early reading steps for her. She feels proud and confident when she sounds out a word using the sounds she's learned. Here are some additional fun activities relating to CVC words.

Sight Word Early Reading Activities

Sight words are those that come up time and again. My daughter has shown me that she remembers the most familiar sight words already. Here are some sight-word specific activities and games for reinforcing sight word learning.

Other Early Reading Ideas

These early reading activities can be adapted to any words (CVC or otherwise) to practice reading. I can't wait to get moving with my little one and see her delight at reading continue to flourish!

It seems like this ultimate list should provide kindergarten literacy centers for an entire year, as your kindergartners progress along the reading path. What are your favorite activities to do with early readers?

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