Finding Alone Time while Homeschooling

alone time while homeschooling

And then I had this guilty thought: if I were not homeschooling, my son would be in school for hours every day. I could feel like that every day, all week long!

I felt bad the moment I had that thought. Was I wishing away my son? Don’t I love homeschooling?

The fact is that as an introvert, I get energy from being alone. Being around my two kids all day long gets very tiresome. And while I do love homeschooling, it is truly a labor of love. Here are some things I’ve found that help me get alone time when I truly need it.

Quiet Time

My kids go to their rooms for quiet time each day. Strawberry still takes a nap, but Raisin uses the time to read (he loves reading checked out library books on the tablet) or play quietly in his room. I enjoy the break. I don’t always get things done as I hope to, but it’s nice to take a breath by myself and appreciate that alone time.

Friend Swap

I’ve arranged to do swaps with a friend over the summer: she will watch my kids sometimes and I’ll watch hers sometimes. It works well because then we will both get a break, and our kids love playing together. With the school year beginning, it will be a little more difficult to find the times when we can get together after school hours, but we’ll still make it work out.


One of the reasons I signed up for Co-op last year was that I needed some “me” time each week. I haven’t begun co-op yet this year but I know that little bit of time each week that I have will be a welcome break from the routine. It will be me and Strawberry enjoying each other!


My husband works late, often not arriving home until after 8 or later, when the kids are asleep. At seven, I expect my kids to be in bed, even if not asleep. If my husband is not around, I stay sane just knowing I will get a break when the kids are asleep! If he is around, he understands my need to get away or just remain alone to re-energize.


Bear with me, here. Trust me when I say that I rarely resort to putting on an educational show and saying “enjoy,” but sometimes, it’s a necessary evil, I think. I cannot help my kids if I am too burned out to do so. Sometimes the 20 minutes of quiet while the kids zone out in front of a video or a game on the tablet is just what I need to recharge.

There are, I am certain, many more ways that homeschooling parents can recharge in the midst of the busy life that is homeschool.

What are some ways that you get alone time while in the midst of homeschooling?

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