Summer Scripture Reading Log

During the school year, we try to begin each school day with a small and simple devotional of some kind. But with the coming of summer, we’re now more free from schedules, and sitting down for devotional time has not been happening!

However, I feel strongly that it is important that my kids get scripture reading in to their days, and personal scripture time is important. Now that Raisin is 8, he has chosen to be baptized. I want scripture reading to start as a habit early!

I decided to make a simple summer scripture reading log check off. I won’t require him to read anything in particular. Instead, I ask that he read something from the scriptures by himself every day. Even a verse. Using a simple check off sheet makes this not too overwhelming, but hopefully I can help him develop a new habit. I believe I’ll take on the challenge too and improve my own neglected personal scripture reading habit.

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Sign up to become a Line upon Line Learning VIP and get access to the VIP Resource Library with dozens for resources!I created reading log options for the summer months, one with boy clip art and one with girl clip art. I also make one that includes all the months of the year! It would be overwhelming for my son, but maybe it will work for you and your family. I also make a simple page labeled “Summer Reading” if you’d rather have that this summer.

I hope this helps you!0

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