Service for Young Children: Singing Christmas Carols

Encouraging your children to join you in singing carols to friends, family, or other select individuals.Caroling helps lift one’s own spirits, and it is fun for the recipient as well. Singing Christmas carols for family, friends, or individuals in a local retirement center can help bring the Christmas spirit, as well as bring children out into the community during the holidays. I have fond memories of Christmas caroling as a child and teenager, so I look forward to doing so with my children!

How to Go Christmas Caroling

It’s probably best to plan ahead when it comes to Christmas caroling.

First, the more the merrier when it comes to singing! Find another family to join with yours. More voices may help those with shy-er voices sing out! At the end of the movie Elf, Jovie begins singing to the crowd to get them in the Christmas spirit. It’s a bit intimidating to be a solo voice. No matter where you want to carol, having others to join you is a great way to make sure your excursion is a success.

Another good idea it to plan which songs will be sung. Not everyone remembers the words to songs, so may want to print out the lyrics. Download a Christmas Carols booklet to take with you.

Finally, another question is about accompaniment. When we carol to friends and family, we won’t have anything like that. But I suppose one could use a small player to get your group started. If you are in a meeting place, you may be able to provide piano accompaniment. If you are not used to singing a cappella, practice without the music before you start your “gig.”

Places to Sing Christmas Carols

I’d say the most important part of “where” to carol is the fact that you should get permission to come caroling! Not everyone would enjoy their evening being interrupted with noisy music. I’m thinking mothers who just got a baby to sleep, or community centers that already have entertainment planned.

The first people to come to mind as to who to visit would be family and friends. You could also carol to neighbors.

Another place I loved to visit as a child was the local retirement center. An elderly woman from my church congregation lived in such a place and so my family would make frequent carol visits to her center during the holidays.

As a parent in a completely different community, I can also seek out such community centers. We call the park district and check with singing in other locations. The important thing is to have a part in our community, and to let the kids see joy as we invite Christmas spirit.

Singing Christmas carols with young children out in the community helps them see the positive impact inviting the holiday spirit can be.

Singing Christmas Carols with Little Children

I think it is fair to say that little children have a short attention span for the most part! It’s great to practice singing a number of songs. But, a preschooler is going to tire of the good behavior. Staying focused on singing will be difficult. Keep visits short when working with young children.

Or, conversely, if you are meeting at a retirement center or some other community gather center, it may be nice to have a simple activity that young children can do after they tire of singing.

Singing Christmas carols with little children will not be picture perfect. But the children will learn to serve those around them, and they will feel the Christmas spirit as they serve in the community in a unique way.


In summary, here’s the scoop.

Service: Visit family, friends, or a local retirement center to sing Christmas carols.

Cost: Free.

Time investment: 1 hour+ (depending on where you visit)

More Ideas

This post is the next in my mini-series, 5 Days of Christmas Service for a Family with Young Children. Check back tomorrow and each day this week for the rest of the series!

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  • Great advice for singing carols with children! We have had a great time and were blessed when we went caroling at a nursing home. Thank you for including my Christmas Carol printable.

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