Simple DIY Christmas Ornaments with Free Printable

I wanted to make something simple for friends and family, and so I turned to my massive clip art collection and my jar of Mod Podge! These simple DIY Christmas ornaments were such a nice thing to give to friends this holiday season. Scroll down to find out how I put them together and to get instant access to the free printable.

Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments

The great thing about the simpleness of this project is that I can repeat again in different years for our family and friends using different art! I could make family ornaments with our favorite photographs, and I can make seasonal decorations. Besides that, the simpleness of the project means that my kids can enjoy helping out with these projects.

To make my ornaments, I used the following ingredients.

I applied a bit of Mod Podge to the back of each ornament image and pressed it to the center of the wooden oval or rectangle. (I did some of both; see the template to see what I mean). Then I applied Mod Podge all over the surface of the image. The Mod Podge dries clear, so although my kids were worried when they saw the image all “messed up,” the end result was great!

While that dried, I cut out ovals and rectangles in coordinating colors of card stock. Once the Mod Podge was dried, I applied hot glue to the back center spot and attached the Christmas-y ribbon. Working quickly, I then added a few more spots of hot glue and attached the card stock to the back of the ornaments. Now the spot where the ribbon was attached is covered!

Once the hot glue was cool, we applied another layer of Mod Podge to the ornaments, this time on both the front and the back!

Making Your Own Christmas Ornaments

As I said, it would be so fun to make your own ornaments to fit your own personality. Your kids could decorate the ornament themselves. You could attached a photograph instead of a Christmas-y message. What ever you make would be a fun creation project for your children.

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