“Froggy Gets Dressed” Busy Box

My daughter was wearing her frog shirt this morning, so as I pondered what to pack in her busy box, I thought of Froggy and his adventure getting dressed! I started with our Weather Bear, of course. I also have a seasonal clothes sorting game, my ABC Clothesline, a felt doll and clothes that I've had since I was a girl, and more! Making a busy box with themed learning activities is a great way to keep a younger child busy when you are doing school with an older child.

Putting Together a "Get Dressed" Busy Box

Our "Froggy Gets Dressed" busy box had these fun activities in it. Some are items I've had for years, and others are ones I've made or purchased. I hope this gives you ideas on putting together your own busy box!

Books for Getting Dressed

I was able to put three of our books in the box: Froggy Gets DressedPete the Cat I Love My White Shoes, and Picture My Day by Severine Cordier. (affiliate links)

Here are some more great getting dressed books!

Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed by Mo Willems is about the silliest "getting dressed" book out there. Obviously, a naked mole rat does not need to wear clothes, but let's just say, he starts a new trend among his friends!

The Jacket I Wear In the Snow by Shirley Neitzel and illustrated by Nancy Winslow Parker is a silly book follows the "House that Jack Built" rhyming format to help a child get dressed for the snow and then get undressed again. Kids will relate on a snowy day!

Hands-On Fun I've Created

  • Felt doll and clothes. Made by my mother 20+ years ago. We used two layers of felt and some strong but flexible cardboard for the body.
  • ABC Clothesline. Find this fun uppercase-lowercase matching activity here on my blog!

More Hands-On Fun

  • Seasons play dough mats, and two different colors of play dough to "dress" the girls in the picture. From Life Over C's.
  •  T-Shirt Matching Game. From Little Miss Pre-K.
  • Clothing Sort Cut-and-Paste (plus scissors and glue). From Tools to Grow.

Other Things Inside the Getting Dressed Busy Box

I try to think about a variety of things to include in my busy boxes, in addition to the themed items. HEre are some of the regulars. I don't include all of them every week, but these particular ones are neccessary for the activities I shared above. (Affiliate links provided for your convenience.)

There are so many more things I could have put in the busy box, but these are the ones I did for today. I hope you enjoy putting together your own get dressed busy box.

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