We created our own mail center in our schoolroom and play room because my kids love getting the mail. They love to send letters to friends, teachers, and grandparents. They love to send and receive mail. I made some monster post cards to help us practice writing, addressing, and sending mail. Of course, these aren’t post cards for the US Postal Service: they are for our own homemade mail box!Practice letter writing with these monster postcard templates. Addressing a letter, parts of a letter, and more is included with the download.

Making a Cardboard Mail Box


To make our own indoor mailbox, I found a rectangle of cardboard. It was flexible but strong. It had a flap of cardboard in the front that reminded me of a mailbox flap.

It took some simple bending and some painters’ tape to move it in the the correct shape. I used an Exacto knife (aff link) to cut it into the proper shape and cut out a back for our mailbox.

My son loved to paint it with me.


Writing Letters on Monster Postcards

To add to our fun, I decided to make some postcard templates. I made two different options, one for my toddler and the other for my second grader.

postcards3First, for my toddler, I made postcards with a “To” and “From” spot with monster stamps in the corner. I laminated them so she could use them over and over again!

Our dry-erase crayons (aff link) are perfect for this! Note that the crayons are much less messy than the markers would have been. They wipe off very easily, and Strawberry can write a new letter.

Then, for my second grader, I intended this to be a handwriting practice center as well as a fun play place! I made a blank template with primary-grade lines. We talked about the parts of a letter. Obviously, this is a much casual letter than some may be, but I still expect him to have the basic parts of it!

postcards4He really wanted to attach the stamp himself, so I printed letter templates without the stamps and separate monster stamps to use. (I laminated the stamps so we can pull them off and reuse them on other postcards.)

He was very eager to write me a letter. While usually I have to cajole him to do his handwriting or copywork practice, this time he was excited.

“Don’t look!” he kept telling me.

The kids played for an hour with our mail center. I am excited that they are getting writing (or in Strawberry’s case, pre-writing) practice all the while having some imaginative fun!

Do you have a letter-writing center in your home or classroom? Download these postcard templates below and set one up!

You may also like my Thank You Kids’ Cards for Every Season primary-grade lined product, available in my Shop and at TPT. These help my son practice his handwriting on primary-grade lines while writing his thank you notes to family and friends.

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Make letter writing practice fun by writing monster postcards to family and friends. Use these templates in your classroom or homeschool and practice labeling the parts of a letter and addressing a letter.

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