Ducky Counting Mats Game

We found some rubber duckys at the Dollar Store the other day.  My daughter was very excited to play with them! We had to stock up on a lot of them.

Of course, rubber ducks are a fun friend for the bathtub. But we decided to make a game so we could play and count with duckies anytime. Here are some ducky counting mats for rubber ducky fun outside of the bath!

ducky mats1

Strawberry loved pretending to count. I say pretending because her way of counting is “one, two, nine, four” and so forth. She’s getting better, though. As I gave her a mat, I counted with her. I only printed out mats to 6 for now, but I made mats up to 10.

Ducky Counting Mats

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I can see her looking for our ducky counting mats whenever she is in a “ducky” mood (and it’s not bathtime!). It’s so simple, and yet, there is plenty of space of math practice and imagination adventures when you’ve got rubber ducks to enjoy!

ducky mats

These ducky counting maps are also included in the Ducks Picture Book Lessons and Activities set!

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  • Hi Rebecca! I love this printable! I came across it on Pinterest and knew immediately I wanted to make a book to go with one of my class’ favorite sing-alongs- Five Little Ducks. I was wondering though if you could add a page for zero? I would forever appreciate it! Thanks! 🙂

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