Today we were all about rainbows! My main activity for my toddler was a simple cut-and-paste rainbow color sort craft using paint chip squares and images in all colors of the rainbow. This is such a simple activity, but my daughter loved that she had “made a rainbow” all by herself.Practice color sorting by using a cut-and-paste activity. Great fine motor practice as well!

To begin with, I had a pile of paint chip squares, so I used those to make an accordion book, held together simply with tape.

Then, my girl enjoyed cutting out the items and gluing them on the correct page. Maybe I should clarify. She wanted to cut them out herself but needed lots of help!

This was a perfect small motor skills practice activity. I did not put boxes around the items on the page, so she did not have pressure to cut “on the line.” Picking up the paper and sorting it on to the correct square was also a perfect challenge for a young preschooler or older toddler. The whole activity was just a great chance to try her hand at cutting and to practice with color sorting. And then she had a beautiful rainbow at the end of it!

Do you want the colored items for your child to cut, sort, and paste their own colorful rainbow?

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Here are the other activities for her rainbow busy box.

  • Discovery Kids It’s a Match Level 1 Game
  • Coloring books and a rainbow of crayons
  • Colored puff ball number tubes from 1-5

I’ve done the puff ball numbers before. Today was the first time she truly loved playing with it!


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