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Color Matching File Folder Game and Center


Practice matching or sorting colors with this shoe-themed file folder game and centers color cards.

Shoes Color Matching File Folder Game and Center: Included are pages for color matching centers or a single file folder game. The colors included are white, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, grey, brown, black and pink. See the blog post about this product for a free sampler!

The first three pages (pages 3-6) included colorful items. One page has high top sneakers in each color. The following two pages have three additional items in each color.

The items pictured are as follows:
• white: swan, cloud, snow
• red: barn, apple, strawberry
• blue: winning ribbon, sky, blueberries
• yellow: banana, cab, sun
• green: dinosaur, hill, frog
• orange: basketball, orange, flame
• purple: violets (flowers), grapes, plum
• gray: faucet, pot, elephant
• brown: bread, nuts, log
• black: bat, clarinet, crow
• pink: flamingo, pink tulip, pig

The file folder matching game is provided in English (pages 7-8) and Spanish (pages 21-22). Attach the two pages of shoes to a file folder. If desired, attach hook and loop tape to the single shoes and to the pairs pages to make the activity eve more hands-on.

Color cards then follow in both English (pages 9-20) and Spanish (pages 23-34). These feature two options for a center (1) a half-page for each color with the colored shoe and colorful items pictured for basic color matching and (2) a half-page for each color with only the word and shoe image. Students would then sort the images on to the correct half-page.

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