Number 10 Bonds Rainbow


Gaining familiarity and fluency in recognizing number 10 bonds is a key to solid math skills. This set of activities practices number 10 bonds in a variety of creative ways.

  • 10 Bonds Rainbow. The numbers that go together appear on the six different colors of the rainbow. Make your own construction paper rainbows to go along with the 10 Bonds Rainbow I provide (pages 4-5). Or, have students color their own 10 Bonds Rainbow (page 6-7).
  • Number Bonds. Practice having students recognize the missing number in ten bonds. Pages 8-9
  • St. Patrick’s Kids. Match up ten bonds “partners.” Page 10
  • Leprechaun Gold. Identify which gold is “real”(adds to ten) or fake (does not add to ten). Page 11
  • Four-Leaf Clovers. Recognize which numbers add to ten. Pages 12
  • Lucky Horseshoes, St. Pat’s Hats. Add three numbers to get to ten. Encourage students to find the ten bonds by adding smaller numbers together. Pages 13-14
  • Mazes. Students should follow the equations that add to ten and ignore the others. Pages 15-17
  • Color-by-code. This page has two categories: equals ten, and does not equal ten. Page 18

Answers follow on pages 19-21.

One license required for each parent/teacher/classroom.


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