When each of my kids has been two and three years old, they have gone through a stage of truly loving Pete the Cat’s I Love My White Shoes! Since it is so fun to sing the song and toddlers are just starting to recognize colors, it’s a perfect stage for beginning color recognition and color matching.Practice sorting or matching color matching colors with Pete the Cat! These simple toddler sorts are a great start for color recognition practice.

Pete the Cat’s White Shoes are Perfect for Toddlers

I was first amazed by Strawberry’s speaking when I overheard her singing to herself in the back seat of the car at a very young age.

“Shoes!” I caught. Then “White!” It was clear as a bell, but she was wearing Buster Browns. What was she talking about?

After a few moments, I recognized the song: it was Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes! Do you know that song? It is this one:

She loves shoes, she loves Pete the Cat, and she loves singing that song! It’s a perfect picture book and story for a toddler-aged learner. It provides a story about shoes that change from white to red, to blue, to brown, to white again. It shows a character being positive, even when things happen (like walking in something!).

Now it’s my third child, Kitty, who is bursting in to song when she sees her shoes!

Shoes Color Matching Fun

I thought I’d make up another fun game for my toddler: this time featuring all colors of cool shoes! Here is the Shoes Color Matching FREEBIE for you too.

The first Pete the Cat book inspired a fun toddler-level Shoes Color Matching game! Download the freebie when you subscribe to my newsletter.

The Shoes Color Matching game has ten pairs of shoes in ten colors. Put the shoe pairs pages on the two sides of a file folder and then cut out the individual shoes and laminate them. If you want, attach hook-and-loop tape (Velcro) to the bottom side of the shoes so you can attach them to the pairs page. My daughter loves the sound when she pulls them off!

I’m offering this simple file folder game for free to subscribers of my page!

Click here to subscribe and get instant access!

If you want to do more color matching, or if you want to sort colors in Spanish, check out the more extensive color matching centers set! In this, each color gets a half page. Kids can match the items to pages, or (if you prefer) print the color pages without the images on them and have the kids sort the items into the correct pages. It’s perfect for a center!Color Matching Center DEMO

If you wanted the entire Color Matching File Folder Game and Center set, get it from the Line upon Line Learning Shop. You can also purchase it at TeachersPayTeachers.

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These color Matching Activities are great for an introduction to color recognition. The shoes matching file folder game is free to subscribers! Use cards without the images for a more advanced color sort.See more color and size matching ideas with manipulatives or try making your own rainbow with a simple color sort!

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