Top Ten Things I Love About Being a Mom to Young Kids

being a momOne Mother’s Day, as I deal with cranky kids, cooking dinner, getting ready for church, and taking care of people at church, I often have a few moments of frustration. Why is this such a great thing to be a mom?

But of course, I snapped out of it. I love being a stay-at-home homeschooling mom to three great kids. Here are some of the special things that make it worthwhile everyday. I really do love being a mom to young kids.

1. Learning is constant, interesting, and new. My son loves to ask “why” and find the answer. I love learning along with him. My daughter learns new things everyday!

2. Love is sincere. My kids tell me what they think and feel. There is no hiding their love for me, even when they are mad at me, their love cannot be hidden.

3. Playtime is daily. I get to sit and play legos, color pictures, and otherwise enjoy playtime all the time, even if I have other things to do. A great way to avoid chores? Maybe, but not just that: it’s fun to play with excited kids.

4. Laughter is required. No matter how many times I may get annoyed, there is laughter in our home far more often. There is nothing more wonderful than laughs coming from two kids together.

5. Together is how we roll. We have breakfast, lunch, and dinner together. We go places together. We learn things together. We play together and meet friends together. My kids laugh and read and fight together.

6. Rest is okay. Naptime or at least quiet time is required most days. We are not too busy to sit down and rest. True, I may not get this all the time (and if my baby were still a baby, then I’d be up all night). But still, we can take a break from a schedule and enjoy it.

7.  Mom is the best. My kids adore me. True, my son sometimes yells out how much he does not like me, but I know the truth. He’d miss me. My daughter is currently in a  mom-is-best stage and loves to cuddle me more than Daddy, grandma, friends, etc. I’m the bomb.

8. Cuddle time is sweet. Even though he is six years old, Raisin still wants to be tucked in each night (snug as a rug or “like a whale”). My daughter wakes up and then wants a few minutes to rock in her chair. Aw, how I treasure those moments!

9. Food is easy. As much as I grumble about cooking, really my kids would be happy with Mac N Cheese or PBJ or Oatmeal  three meals a day. And they have little stomachs! I cannot image what it will be like in a dozen years, when I have two hungry teenagers!

10. Faith is everywhere. My kids trust me to take care of them, clothe them, feed them, and help them. My kids trust God to answer their prayers and to get them through the hard times.

This is a super quick list, put together in 20 minutes. If I spent another 20 minutes, I’d have another 10 reasons I love it! I need to remember these when the days get hard.

Toward the end of Mother’s Day, my six-year-old son was teasing my two-year-old daughter.

“No, this is my Mommy!” he said.

She retorted with “No! This is my mommy!”

Which, of course, my son had to respond to. My daughter got upset and was near tears by the end of this brief exchange.

My son did not need to push her buttons like that. I was annoyed.

But I must admit, it was nice to think of how they were fighting over me!

What loving moments do you remember in those hard moments?

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