A Christmas Carol Characters Crowns for Christmas Carol Readers Theater

We are planning to do a fantastic readers theater Christmas party with our homeschool friends next week. We will read the Christmas Carol Readers Theater script that my Mom and I made (she taught middle school English as a Second Language). We will also bring treats for the children to eat as we read through the script, and the kids will wear the Christmas Carol characters crowns to get into character as we read.

It is so fun to put ourselves into the characters from a familiar story, and I’d love to share the character crowns with all of you! The crowns for A Christmas Carol characters could also be used for classroom discussion purposes if you do not have time to a Christmas Carol readers theater. I think they turned out nicely!

Gaining Familiarity with A Christmas Carol

My kids have seen The Muppet Christmas Carol, so they are familiar with the story a little bit. My daughter and I are also reading the novel together (again) this year.

A Christmas Carol is a great introduction to classic literature. Because it is so widely read, performed, or retold during the holiday season, it has become a traditional part of our culture. Besides, the format of the story, in five “staves” or parts, makes it a clear story to practice retelling or outlining.

The basic premise is a rotten guy learns to be nice because he revisits his past, sees how things really are in the present, and sees the terrible future that otherwise awaits him. Part 1 depicts the bad guy, part 2 is revisiting his past, part 3 is the truth about the present, part 4 is the horrible future that awaits, and part 5 is the bad man becoming good (i.e. everything turns out alright). If you are looking for a great frame for a story, you have it right there. 

Even for the kids that were not familiar with the basic outline, joining in our Christmas Carol readers theater gave them a new familiarity. We all had a ton of fun!

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A Reader's Theater for A Christmas Carol

You will want to use the Christmas Carol Readers Theater year after year. Get the reader’s theater from my shop or TeachersPayTeachers.

Improve reading skills with a Christmas Carol Readers Theater, or just practice gaining familiarity with a great classic story. FREE Christmas Carol Characters' crowns available!
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