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Compound Words Game and Interactive Worksheets (Holiday theme)


Bring holiday fun into your homeschool or classroom as you review compound words.

Compound Words Game and interactive worksheets set includes a center and additional worksheets to match pictures to words, compound word parts, and word to picture compound word “addition.”
  • Full-color crackers matching. Use as a center matching activity. Print them on thick paper, cut them apart, and laminate for durability if desired.
  • Cut-and-paste compound words. Students match the two words (one for each side of the cracker) to the images, gluing the edges so students can open each cracker to see the image.
  • Matching compound words. Students draw a line from the image to the compound words.
  • Compound word or not? Students cross out non-compound words and circle or color words that are compound words.
 Holiday Crackers (bon-bons, poppers) are so much fun to pop open and find the goodies inside! Now you can bring holiday fun into your classroom as well as review compound words.

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