Friday Freebie: Penmanship Print Font

Do you know about the wonderful free font that helps you create writing papers for your kids? It is called Penmanship Print font. Use this to create blank lines for your early writers that need primary-grade lines for writing! If you don’t have time to make your own, consider buying my already prepared sets.

How Do You Make Primary-Grade Lines Writing Paper?

Before you can use the Penmanship print font, you must download the free file to your computer. On a PC, click the file and it will provide a pop-up, asking you if you want to install the font. Once you click install, the font is installed, just like that!

To make BLANK lines, simply type the grave sign (`) in the font. On my laptop, it is the key to the left of the space bar. It is a little awkward to remember not to put a space between words but the grave, but the results are great. For blank lines, use the following sizes (click on it to see the actual size).

penmanship print

And there you have it! Lines (with the option to have the text there too) are completely free. It’s easy to make your own worksheets with Penmanship Print font!

How to Use Primary-Grade Lined Paper

Primary-grade lines provide a base for beginning writers to practice their handwriting. In addition, because the Primary Penmanship font also has text, you can use the font to also create copywriting pages. Simply put the text you’d like them to copy on a top line, then leave blank space below for the child to copy. This leaves the possibilities open for you to use the font for any purpose! Because you can save your pages on the computer, you reprint whenever you need.

What do you want with this type of paper? We use it for personal journals, answering school questions, copywork, handwriting practice, and writing letters! I really like teaching my kids cursive as well, so the blank lines work well for that further handwriting purpose.

How to Get Pre-Made Primary-Grade Lines Writing Paper

When I was setting up my writing center for my homeschool co-op class, I wanted a variety of paper layouts. I needed larger primary-grade lines for my beginning writers, and smaller primary-grade lines for my older writers. I even wanted some papers with plain lines instead of primary-grade lines!

Further, because most of the class was a creative writing class, I wanted my students to have the option to add an illustration to each page. I set up a few layouts in both horizontal and verticle formates and added blank spaces to the top to allow for illustration space. If you too, want to have this pre-made primary-grade lined writing paper, check out the options at my store!

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photo with sample primary-grade lined paper and sample font sizes with a primary-grade lined font.
Set up your writing center with a free penmanship font or buy some writing paper with primary-grade lines already set up.

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