Summer Fun: Summer Activities Passport

One of the fun things I have done for my kids this summer to keep track of our summer fun was create a simple summer activity passport for her!  It’s a way to keep track of the fun we’ve had this summer as well as encourage the kids to decide which activities we want to make sure to fit in this summer.We keep track of our summer bucket list inside of our Summer Fun Passport. More than 80 colorful stamps fit right inside, and we can even design our own activities stamps.

About the Passport and Stamps

The passport pages are black and white. These include pages for a half-page sized booklet. Included is a cover, an about me page (with spot for photo or drawing of self), and five pages with squares to glue in passport stamps. The back cover is intended to be blank. Additional blank stamp pages can easily be printed to make a larger passport.

Also included are four pages of colorful stamps with 20 images per page, as well as a page with 20 blank stamps. My two older kids are very active in swim team so I may make a stamp for each swim meet, or for any ribbons they earn.

Here are some the images included.

  • books
  • zoo animals behind a fence
  • moon
  • slide
  • tent
  • campfire
  • caught fish
  • a boat, a canoe, a car, and a train crossing symbol
  • music notes
  • garden
  • ice cream cone
  • girl blowing bubbles
  • various building, such as restaurants and a movie theater

And this is not all! There are 80 different stamps to give you great summer activity ideas and to keep track of what you have done.

We keep track of our summer bucket list inside of our Summer Fun Passport. More than 80 colorful stamps fit right inside, and we can even design our own activities stamps.

None of the summer activity stamps have words on them, so you can write what you want to remember it. You can even consider the stamps as a summer activities ideas list. How can your kids incorporate all of them into their summer? For example, the piggy bank could mean earn money, or play the board game Payday with your siblings.

Adding to our Summer Fun Passport

I assumed we would not get to all of the images I printed off. To my surprise, though, my daughter is finding ways to add in so many of them herself!

“We saw a train yesterday!” she’d say, so we added that to the passport. (I had put it in because there is actually a train museum near us that I believe my son wants to visit!)

As a result, she is extra excited about the passport and the things that were filling the pages. She loves to go through and look at the pictures and remember the fun times she’s had with friends and family this summer and the fun things she’s seen and experienced!

Raisin, at age 10, is not as interested this year. Strawberry (age 6) and Kitty (age 2 and a half) are loving it. It also becomes great fine motor skill practice to cut the stamps (I did Kitty’s for her) and paste them in the book. Kitty sure loves glue! And seeing all those activities got her really excited.

Cutting and pasting activities stamps into our Summer Fun Passports is great fine motor practice for my preschooler. What fun it is to track our activities with a passport to fun!

Get the Summer Activities Passport

If you’d like the stamps, click over to my shop to buy the passport and stamps. It’s also available at TeachersPayTeachers.

How do you journal your summer fun?

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