We love our local homeschool co-op! We take and teach classes there each school year. Each year, our co-op parents submit classes they are interested in teaching. Then, all parents submit feedback on which classes they would most like to enroll their kids in. The winners are slated as classes. Here is a gigantic list of homeschool co-op classes your fellow homeschool moms should consider adding to the roster.Homeschool co-op classes can be educational or fun or both! Think outside of the box and find extra or curricula classes you'd like your homeschoolers to take with a class.

When applicable, sample curricula choices that I like or amazing books have also been indicated. Anything with an asterisk is a class I’ve taught to a co-op class before. I’ve also linked to curriculum I’ve used before or that I really like! Many of them are affiliate links.

Reasons to Join and Participate in Homeschool Co-op Classes

  1. It gives you a break from teaching that subject.
  2. Your kids can learn from a different teacher.
  3. Your kids can participate in group classes that are nearly impossible individually. (Think: choir, or a hands-on group project.)
  4. Your kids can learn to work with others in group projects.
  5. You have a built-in homeschool support system in your fellow co-op parents to swap ideas.
  6. You and your kids get extra friendships.
  7. Co-op provides a safe environment where you can meet and learn with like-minded individuals.
  8. Your kids can make messes somewhere other than your own home. (In most co-ops, however, all parents pitch in to help clean up at the end of the day!)
  9. Your kids get a chance to pack a lunch.
  10. You and your kids have a lot of fun!

Joining a co-op has been a blessing in my life. In a true “co-operative,” all the people pitch in and help teach, organize, set up and clean, or watch younger children. Some people do not want the added responsibility, so I realize that a co-op is not for every homeschooling family. I truly love it, however.

Another note before the mega list of homeschool group class ideas. To teach a class, you’ll need a teacher. If you don’t know a soul who speaks or knows Japanese, you probably will struggle with teaching it in your co-op. Figure out your strengths and ask other homeschool parents to share their strengths. A homeschool co-op is most successful when it is actually co-operative in this way!

Homeschool co-op classes can range from fine arts to science labs. Here's a list of more than 100 homeschool group class ideas.

Homeschool Co-op Classes For Preschool Kids

  1. Music Exploration. Singing songs and play with hand instruments like drums, cymbals, and triangles to play with and learn to love music.
  2. Story Time Activities.  Consider using my Preschool Picture Book Lessons.
  3. Arts and Crafts. Do simple crafts together to enjoy learning about the fine arts.
  4. Open Gym or Get the Wiggles Out. Bring balls, hula hoops, and more and do either organized or unorganized play.
  5. Exploring STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math). Do weekly activities and explorations at a preschooler’s level.
  6. Playing the Alphabet. Do various amusing activities for each letter of the alphabet or simply play with the alphabet.
  7. Learn with Play. Check out the book I contributed to.
  8. Salsa Spanish 1* (No reading required!). I love Salsa Spanish.
  9. Junior Club.*  When we did this, a different parent took the class each week and did an activity of his/her choosing.

Homeschool Co-op Classes For Ages 5-10

English Language Arts Classes

  1. Phonics Fun. I use Logic of English Foundations A for teaching basic phonics.
  2. Speech. Give the kids a chance to practice talking in front of each other, such as doing show and tell or preparing simple speeches.
  3. Introduction to Reader’s Response.* (i.e., learning the structure of stories and responding to great books)
  4. Introduction to Poetry. Read and appreciate good poetry and try your hand at writing it. See my picture book poetry units.

Social Studies Classes

  1. About our community.
  2. Hands-On American History.* This is truly fun this year!
  3. U.S. States and Presidents.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math in Homeschool Co-op

  1. STEM Challenge (science, technology, engineering, and math). I have a lot of fun with this class. Younger kids may want to join with the preschoolers. I gear my class for 6-12.
  2. Hands-on Math Lab 1 or 2. For younger kids or older kids. Play math with hands-on games and activities.
  3. LEGO Challenge 1 or 2. Practice building with LEGOS with kid appropriate challenges.

Language Classes

  1. Salsa Spanish 1* (No reading required!). I love Salsa Spanish.
  2. Salsa Spanish 2 (Continuation of Salsa Spanish 1, from videos 201 to the end)
  3. Intro to ASL.
  4. Other languages if you have willing teachers!

Electives Ideas

  1. Five in a Row Unit Studies
  2. Drama club/theater. Let kids get a chance to try acting.
  3. Music Appreciation
  4. Music theory. See my how to read music game for this age!
  5. Private music classes
  6. Beginning Dance
  7. Gym Class
  8. Junior Club* (a different parent takes the class each week and does an activity of his/her choosing)

Homeschool Co-op Classes For ages 7-14

Language Arts Classes

  1. Creative Writing Class* (Using No More “I’m Done!”).
  2. Creative Writing with LEGOs.
  3. Speech. Practice talking in front of other people.
  4. Grammar Ace.

Social Studies Classes

  1. Hands-on American History.* See above.
  2. U.S. States and Presidents
  3. World History.
  4. Mapping the World by Heart. (I believe this also includes Mapping the U.S. by Heart.)

Science, Tech, Engineering, Math Classes

  1. Elementary Level Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, or Physics
  2. STEM Challenge.* See description above.
  3. Hands-on Math Lab 2.
  4. LEGO Challenge 2.

World Languages

  1. Beginning or Conversational Spanish.
  2. Spanish Games and Activities.
  3. Intro to ASL.
  4. American Sign Language 2.

Other Electives Ideas

  1. Drama Club/Theater.
  2. Intro to Cooking.
  3. Intro to Sewing Class.
  4. Art Exploration.
  5. Continuing Dance.
  6. Card Game Club.
  7. Book Club.
  8. Choir.
  9. Recorder.
  10. Private Music Lessons.

Homeschool co-op classes help give the parent a break, but they also allow students to learn to work in teams in a way that cannot easily be replicated alone at home. Here are great homeschool class ideas to help you brainstorm what you could teach.

Homeschool Co-op Classes For 11-16

Language Arts Classes

  1. IEW Student Writing Intensive.
  2. IEW U.S. History-based writing* This is the one I’m teaching this year!
  3. Speech. Practice giving speeches to others
  4. Middle School Literature.

Social Studies Classes

  1. World Geography or U.S. Geography.
  2. American History.
  3. Introduction to American Government.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math Homeschool Classes

  1. Robotics
  2. Middle School Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics
  3. Geometry or Algebra review classes.
  4. High School science courses. See High School Chemistry

World Languages

  1. American Sign Language 1 and American Sign Language 2
  2. Beginning or Conversational Spanish
  3. Classical Latin
  4. Beginning or Conversational French

Elective Homeschool Class Ideas

  1. Misc. Unit Studies
  2. Logic
  3. Chess
  4. Bible Study
  5. Debate
  6. Health and Nutrition
  7. How to Cook
  8. Art History
  9. Advanced Art
  10. Sewing
  11. Knitting
  12. Teen Choir
  13. Private Music Lessons

Co-op Classes For 14+

English Language Arts Classes

  1. World Literature
  2. British Literature
  3. American Literature
  4. Shakespeare
  5. Grammar and Composition
  6. Speech

Social Studies Classes

  1. Advanced American Government
  2. American History
  3. World History

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math Classes

  1. High School Biology lab
  2. High School Chemistry lab
  3. High School Physics lab


  1. Greek and Latin Word Roots Vocabulary class
  2. High School Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced Spanish
  3. High School Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced French, etc.

Electives Ideas

  1. ACT/SAT Prep
  2. Personal Finance
  3. Advanced Drama Class
  4. Improv Acting Class
  5. Teen Art
  6. Sewing
  7. Knitting
  8. Private music lessons
  9. Music Theory
  10. Running Club
  11. Yearbook Committee.* You may want to use Blurb for designing your yearbook.

What do you think? Are you interested in joining a co-op? Are you already in a co-op? What were/are the best classes you’ve taken at a homeschool co-op?

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Homeschool co-op classes can be educational or fun or both! Think outside of the box and find extra or curricula classes you'd like your homeschoolers to take with a class.Want to see more lists of 100 things for homeschoolers? Click over to iHomeschool Network to find more!

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  1. Hey … I noticed you had a five in a row unit study listed … and just wanted to throw this out of its helpful. We’ve been using mostly Five in A Row books for the last two years at our co-op, and have followed these two curriculums. It includes everything you need for a co-op class, including handouts and lots of classroom teaching ideas, low budget games and activities. It was something I was looking for when I started teaching at co-op, but when I couldn’t find it— we started working together to create one. https://www.chroniclesofmomia.com/2018/02/fiar-five-in-row-based-kindergarten-co.html?m=1, and are almost done this one, https://www.chroniclesofmomia.com/2018/09/more-fiar-inspired-literature-based.html?m=1. Hope it’s helpful to someone. 🙂

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