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Learn with Play


Get more than 150 hands-on play learning activities for your young child, in a book written by the best kid bloggers.

I am a contributor to Learn with Play: 150+ Activities for Year-round Fun & Learning by the Kid Blogger Network

This is a giant collection of hands-on activities for little kids.

The perfect book to have on hand for inspiring you on holidays, weekends, or anytime the kids just need something to do! A fun mix of hands-on fun with learning, celebrating, and appreciating family time.

The activities are labeled with age suggestions, learning concepts included in the activity, and more. Two pdf files are included, one with the ebook, and the other with the printable activities to go along with it.

I am so excited that my cooking with kids ideas and a shapes scavenger hunt activity have been included in this amazing book of activities in the company of so many fantastic bloggers.

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