If there is one subject that we return to in our homeschool again and again, it is that of the coral reef. My kids love Nemo, Dory, and their friends, so of course learning about their habitat in the oceans of the world is a subject we love to learn about. What could be better than doing some hands-on learning about the coral reef to make school time fun and exciting? Here are some of the best ideas I’ve found from the web.

Science Lessons about the Coral Reef

The coral reef systems of the world have thousands of unique species of animal and plants. They have existed for centuries. There is so much to be learned from the coral reef systems of the world! Here are some amazing hands-on learning ideas from my fellow bloggers.
Incorporate these hands-on coral reef activities into your next science lessons!

Imagination and Sensory Play about the Coral Reef

Because our own senses are an essential part of our lives, we learn a lot by immersing ourselves in to our subject. Sometimes the best learning comes because we’re planning a story. We love imagination play time around our house! With Nemo, Marlin, Dory, and friends, we love to play with the coral reef. Here are some hands-on imagination play learning ideas.You may be amazed at how much kids learn with hands-on coral reef imagination and sensory play resources.

Consider buying the Coral Reef Safari Toob to have some hands-on creatures with which to imagine your next story!

Food and Crafts Learning

Nothing is more hands-on than making a simple craft or treat. Here are some hands-on snacks and educational crafts that can accompany your next unit on the coral reef.

Hands-on coral reef food and crafts add an element of fun to a unit on coral reef ecosystems.

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