Learning Places (AKA My Homeschool “Rooms” 2013-2014)

school room mainWhen some people think of homeschooling, they might think of student desks and chalkboards. We do some desk work, and Raisin does work on a computer. But lots of our school work in the next year will be done in the basement play room or in the car or at co-op! Here are some of the places we learn. 

Pictures of our rooms follow. These are in no particular order. I’m linking up with Top Ten Tuesday today.

1. The library. Since the advent of baby Strawberry, we have not frequented the library as frequently. Strawberry is too young and Raisin is too old for story time, which is one place Raisin learned to love the library. But now that Raisin is older, he he learns a lot from the library. Research, finding things, the Dewey Decimal system, etc. We still love the library, even if it is not as relaxing now that Strawberry runs away screaming from me every time….

2. Outside. Raisin is not a fan of nature, but we’ve had some learning moments outside looking at bugs and plants. Raisin is excited when the bulbs we planted sprout. He learned to write his letters on the driveway with chalk. We learn about sports and run around together.

3. The computer. My son loves computer time! His Spanish Program is computer based, and he also practices typing (some days begging to do it). He also loves to browse Google Earth

4. The work table. We quickly discovered that having a computer on the student desk meant there was no room for my son to work on worksheeet based projects. So we brought a folding table up for that purpose. This is the center of work (when we are not in the basement — see below).

5. Board games and puzzles. We have an overabundance of board games and puzzles from garage sales, and my son loves these. I also make games based on what we are learning. I love the abundant storage space in the office/school room we have.

6. Toys in the playroom. We are blessed to have a room in the basement with carpet that is walled off. It is just perfect for a kids playroom. We don’t have toys all over the living room! We get to keep them downstairs and out of sight! We incorporate school time in to playtime so sometimes Raisin doesn’t mind so much when we’re practicing math with blocks or he’s listening to a read aloud while he plays with his sister. School in the playroom works well some of the time. We watch educational videos on Netflix and via the library. Raisin is watching some Spanish language programs to enhance his Spanish learning. My daughter learns sign language through Signing Time videos. A projector puts the video on to the basement wall so the kids can play as they watch or listen.

7. Co-op. We will be doing a co-op with a few different classes this year: a science class, a language arts/writing class, a family and consumer education class every few weeks, and a parent-led “club” which will be a different game or activity each week. It should be a lot of fun!

8. Field Trips. We like to go to a local children’s museum. There are other museums and group events to enjoy too. We’re a part of a homeschool group that does regular service at a retirement care center.

9. The car. We listen to books and talk as we drive. I’m sure my son learns a lot during “car schooling” time.

10. Everyday life. Folding the laundry, setting the table, cleaning the bathrooms, going to the cleaners, going to the post office. Raisin learns with each task we do around the house and community.

school room 5
I love the set up of our school room! It’s not usually this clean…
I love that I have space for storage! This is only a fraction of the books we own.
I love that I have space for storage! This is only a fraction of the books we own.


Our basement playroom is very cozy.
Our basement playroom is very cozy.

 Where do you learn? Leave a link to your blog post with pictures of your school room.

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