Back on Schedule: An A+ Way to Start the Year Right

Every August is the same. I quickly realize what we need: we need to get back in to routines. My daughter loves the bedtime routine. My son loves to check things off of a list. Why not put together a schedule to keep us sane? A visual schedule to plan our day helps us keep focused throughout the beginning of the school year.

As a homeschooling mom, I am used to having my kids around all the time. But this summer has been difficult for me. Despite the gorgeous weather and essentially unlimited free time for Raisin and Strawberry, I have heard daily complaints of boredom. Can I tell you how much this drives me crazy!?

At the same time, I had a minor panic attack last week as I pondered teaching fifth grade and kindergarten with my toddler underfoot. How can I get done all that needs to be done? How can I teach when my son gets distracted just going to comb his hair? This is not going to be easy.
Use a printed and variable visual schedule to keep track of what you need to get done in your home or homeschool! Free printable included.

When I mentioned starting school again to my son, he was surprisingly excited.

“Can we get ice cream on the first day again, Mom?”

So yesterday was our first day. Here is our annual ice cream celebration to prove it:

How to Use a Visual Schedule

To get us ready for the first day, I made up a visual schedule. It was definitely time to get back on schedule. I love my laminator, and I love Velcro (hook-and-loop tape)! I used this roll and cut the Velcro to size (affiliate link).

For us, it was important that we not schedule to much each hour. I set the time periods to be 1 hour long, with three or four times fitting in each time hour slot. Why? Because it is really hard to stay focused on more than four things in an hour. If we have too many things on the to do list, it just is going to be overwhelming, especially for the youngest ones.

I also have to be realistic. If I put math, spelling, history, and science in an hour, what are the chances they will all get done?

Finally, I made this an editable visual schedule. I know not all my readers are homeschoolers, so if you wish you could change the schedule to be just a morning/get ready schedule or an after school schedule.

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There are always things to do, so I hope this schedule may help you get organized as you jump back in to school! It has already helped us stay on track, and I love that I can give Raisin accountability for his daily tasks. Begin back on schedule is helping us have a great start to our school year!

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We use a visual schedule to make sure we know where our day is headed and to remember the daily priorities! Download an editable version for your own use.More Back-to-School Ideas


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