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Vehicle Town Template


Print a town template, as well as vehicles to drive, fly, and float in it!

This product contains two pages of “town” template, as well as a page of vehicles. The town contains these items: bridge over a lake, airport, fire station, park, school, hospital, two houses, pizza restaurants, police office, police station, library, cinema, dentist office, grocery, and zoo. These places are separated by “roads.”

The following page contains vehicles. These are included: mail car, pizza truck, police car, canoe, ambulance, motor boat, airplane, school bus, two cars, row boat, helicopter, truck, sail boat, hot air balloon, fire truck.

I attached the vehicles to foam paper and magnets to use as vehicles on the laminated “town” template.

You could also print these on photo transfer paper to use on fabric or felt. I have included the sample vehicles and template in reverse so you can do so without the letters being reversed.

See more about this product on the blog post:

Vehicle Town Magnets Busy Bag

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