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Vehicle Town Template


Print a town template with vehicles, coloring pages and a matching game! Just right a preschooler’s busy bag.

Vehicle Town busy bag has printable activities to help keep a preschool entertained. It includes a printable vehicle town, with the images also provided in reverse if you’d like to print on transfer paper. It also includes a train with numbers 1-10 for putting in order, a vehicle matching game with 18 different vehicles, a silly sort to separate things that go and things that do not go, a few picture book suggestions for a vehicle-themed storytime, and 5 unique town scenes with lots of vehicles to color.

The two-page “town” template, has lots of favorite town places, including these: bridge over a lake, airport, fire station, park, school, hospital, two houses, pizza restaurants, police office, police station, library, cinema, dentist office, grocery, and zoo. These places are separated by “roads.” There is also a page of vehicles to cut out and use on the town roads.

The vehicles included for both the town template and the matching game are the following: mail car, pizza truck, police car, canoe, ambulance, motorboat, airplane, school bus, two cars, rowboat, helicopter, truck, sailboat, hot air balloon, fire truck, rescue boat, and glider.

The silly “Does It Go?” sort is available free on my blog! Visit the blog post for more information on how I set up this busy bag! Vehicle Town Busy Bag & Free “Does It Go” Sort for Preschoolers (

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