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Community Workers Clip Cards


After learning about community helpers, match the community helper pictured to the correct vehicle or place of work by using a paperclip or clothes pin to clip the right one.

A perfect hands on activity for the community helpers unit for the non-reader! Students place a paper clip or a clothes pin next to the building or vehicle for the community worker pictured on each card.

Includes the following cards:

  • artist: a paint/art shop
  • chef: restaurant
  • construction worker (with hammer): tool shop
  • doctor: hospital
  • farmer: barn
  • fire fighter: fire station
  • hair stylist: salon
  • mail carrier: post office
  • nurser: hospital
  • police officer: police station
  • teacher: school
  • vet: zoo
  • construction worker (w/jack hammer): road under construction scene
  • banker: bank
  • life guard: swimming pool
  • librarian: library
  • dentist: dental office
  • priest/pastor: church
  • garbage man: garbage truck
  • train conductor: train engine
  • doctor: ambulance
  • fire fighter: fire truck
  • mail carrier: mail truck
  • police officer: police car
  • farmer: tractor
  • painter: truck with painting supplies

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