Rhyming Game


Practice rhyming words by drawing “dusty” pictures from the bag and naming a word that rhymes. Watch out! If you get a broom or vacuum all your rhyme cards are swept away! Who has the most rhymes by the end of the round?

Practice rhyming words by naming a rhyme for each of the 32 picture cards or use the second set of 32 to match the rhymes. This non-reading activity would be great for pre-readers as practicing rhyming helps them prepare for reading success.

How to play the Dusty Rhymes game: The picture prompt cards in each set of 32 also have two broom cards and two vacuum cards. Cut out the cards, and put them all in a bag. Each player draws a card and calls the name of the picture and a word that rhymes with it. If a player draws out a vacuum or a broom, he or she must return all the cards he or she has collected so far into the bag. They have been “cleaned up.”

Play with a set timer, such as two minutes, and see how many pictures the students can rhyme!

Alternatively, print out both sets of picture prompt cards dust clouds and play a matching game. In this version the player would say the picture on the two cards selected. If the two words rhyme, they have a match! In this game, whoever has the most matches at the end is the winner.

Includes a b/w version,a less ink version, and a color version!

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