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Guided Research Mini-Book about a State


Guide students through a research project about a State with these idea organizers, questions, and mini-book writing structure helps.

This packet has a variety of writing prompts and questions to help kids develop a mini-book (or half-page sized book) about a state. Use the states guided research templates and mini-book templates to help your students through the process.

The Scrambled States of America by Laurie Keller is a silly fictional book in which the states get bored and decide to switch places. Obviously, it is fiction. However, the snide remarks from the states to each other provide small details about the states. The back page spread gives a basic claim-to-fame of each one of the states.

When students reread Scrambled States while thinking of one of the United States, they may be surprised by how many facts and funny details they find! See the blog post for more details: Easy Guided Research State Mini-Book.


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