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Apples Counting and Ten Frames (to 20)


Practice counting and adding up to 10 or 20 with these red and green apples, trees, and ten frames.


Practice counting and adding up to 10 with these apples, trees, and ten frames.

Included in this product are ten frames up to 20 (1-10 in red, 11-20 in green); two plain trees; trees with 1-10 red apples; trees with 1-10 green apples; apples labeled from 1-10 in both red and green; a mat for sorting apples between red and green; a plain line art apple page; two mini-books with empty apple trees (one with numbers from 1 to 8, the other with blanks for the student to write numbers of their choosing); and a page with a lion, tiger, and dog with the label “Put 10 Apples on Top.” This last page is inspired by the picture book Ten Apples on Top by P.D. Eastman.

We use red and green pompoms to practice counting and sorting the apples. Any small manipulative would work, including small stones, stickers, translucent counting tiles, or candies. When students practice one-to-one correspondence in such a way, they can also transfer the items from the tree to a ten frame to determine the number as they count.

The plain apple template could also be used for a craft or for decoration. Have your students rip small bits of construction paper or tissue paper and glue them to the apple template.

Students can illustrate the mini-books with the correct number of apples. See my video for instructions on folding the mini-books.


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