Homeschool Open House: Lisa, Veteran Homeschooler of 18 years

homeschool open house LISA

Today I welcome Lisa to our Homeschool Open House!

My Story

I have 7 children, ages 23, 21, 17, 14, 12, 10, and 8, and I’ve been homeschooling for 18 years. Although I homeschooled my oldest two children all the way through, I am currently only homeschooling the youngest.

I decided to homeschool because I wanted to be with my children. I thought learning at home would allow for learning at their own pace and according to their own interests.

How I Homeschool

Since I have been homeschooling so long, I have tried just about every method. My homeschooling style changed with our family situation. When I had a lot of babies and didn’t have time to plan for homeschool, I used school in a box. Other times, I enjoyed a relaxed Charlotte Mason/classical education style of homeschooling.

I love teaching Latin, writing, reading, and English.

My Advice

I would tell new homeschoolers not to be too set in your plan. Life has a way of bringing challenges that you cannot foresee. Your plans may need to change. Take it year by year, and remember that you are not a failure if you need to utilize public or private schools.

You can find Lisa at her blog Rest for the Weary, where she says “My intention is to build up women in the trenches of homeschooling.” She also has written on Squidoo about learning Latin through games and dealing with homeschooling burnout.

Thanks for sharing your story, Lisa!


You can also fill out the Homeschool Open House form if you would prefer.

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