Favorite Characters’ Habitats Imagination Play


We used our favorite characters' habitats to learn about the different places in the world.Strawberry has been begging for more “Princess Preschool.” Today’s princess habitat activity was inspired by my daughters Snow Queen (aka Elsa) finger puppets. So, while we found a habitat background for the Snow Queen, her sister, snowman, reindeer, and friend, we also found habitats for our other favorite characters (both princesses and not). Our princess imagination play was actually a princess science lesson in disguise too as we talked about our favorite characters’  habitats.

Our Favorite Characters’ Habitats

Here are the habitats we decided on. Since my daughter readily relates to the Disney Princess characters, that is what we started with.

  • a pond (Princess Tiana, when she was a frog)
  • snow and ice (The Snow Queen aka Elsa and Anna)
  • woods (Snow White, Aurora, and maybe Cinderella)
  • ocean (Ariel)
  • desert (Jasmine)

As we searched for images of these favorite princesses, we also found print outs for others of our favorite characters.

  • African Savannah (Lion King)
  • western USA (Toy Story’s Woody, Jesse, and Bullseye)
  • outer space (Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear and the aliens)
  • ocean (Nemo and friends)

What other princess habitats or other favorite character habitats can you think of? I’m sure we’ll think of more!

Strawberry was delighted to recognize that Nemo and his friends live in similar ocean habitat to Ariel! They both need to live in the water, and they can even share the habitat, even though they have different stories.

All the character printables (with the exception of the Snow Queen finger puppets) came directly from the Disney Family website. Do a search for your favorite character, and add “playset” or “paper” to the search to find printables and/or small puppets.

Why Princess Habitats?

Some people may wonder why I encourage princess play, and why I would do so for a lesson about habitats. Well, I know that my little one learns best when she is playing. Since she loves imaginary play and she loves the princess characters she’s met in the movies, she was definitely engaged and interested in the lesson.

Strawberry has a vivid imagination, so putting a habitat "background" on a stand was enough to get her imagination flowing with favorite characters.

As I mentioned, Strawberry liked that Ariel and Nemo’s world met in a similar habitat. The same thing happened with Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. Their worlds were all very similar. We decided they lived in a wooded area with some fields. But now Strawberry wants to watch the movies again to see what their habitats were like!

Although her imaginary play was directed by me initially, I loved watching her imagination grow as she moved the characters into new habitats. Mom-directed princess school was a success once more!

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