Instruments Busy Bag

My daughter loves making noise and she is fascinated by musical instruments. When I saw a Toob of musical instruments, I knew she’d love to play with them. Hence, here’s my instruments busy bag. It’s not a noisy one, such as you would expect. Rather, it is a quiet busy bag that requires her imagination to make the music. There is a time and a place for the noisy instruments, but today’s busy bag includes matching small, model instruments to instrument cards.We used small plastic models of instruments and matching instrument cards to make an instruments busy bag.

The printable gives my daughter cards with some images of children playing the instrument (when available) or just an image of the instrument (for others). There are eight model instruments in the Toob, so those are the ones I printed. I made cards with other instruments, however, if you had different ones, or if you wanted to make a matching game.

She loves to pretend to play instruments so I also printed a page with a keyboard on it. I may make some larger model instruments too at some point. (She loves to pretend to play the violin.) I wanted this to be a fairly compact busy bag so we could carry it to gymnastics to keep busy while big brother is playing.We match the plastic model instruments to the instrument cards. My daughter likes to pretend to play the instruments too.

To round out the busy bag, I put the book Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin! by Lloyd Moss in it as well. This is a fun book about a small group of instruments. It has a counting element to it too, and it is a fun book to read aloud. It’s almost melodic!

Our instruments busy bag is not like handing her a bag of noisy instruments. I guess I could say this is a quieter version. However, I know that this is simply a stepping stone to letting Strawberry make her own music. I’ll expect her to make plenty of noise as she plays with the plastic instruments. It’s a key to imagination for her, and so far, she enjoys it.

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I may pair this busy bag with some of the following picture books for an even more complete instruments experience. These are not necessarily my daughter’s level but they come with accompanying CDs with great orchestral music. these would be a nice unit study for Raisin to be a part of!

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